Can Your Money Management App Do This?

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If you handle your finances through the money management app, congratulations! You’re already using software that’s powerful, reliable, simple and free to handle your personal finances. But don’t just scratch the surface. Beneath the features you already know about, there are a litany of cool options that can supercharge your experience. Here are some of the best.

Mint’s money management app takes the headache out of financial tracking.

Safety on the Go
One of the great things about is that it can follow you wherever you go. With an app to sync your phone, your tablet and your PC, you never have to guess what’s going on with your money. But if your phone is lost or stolen, your most sensitive information is open to prying eyes. allows you to remotely disconnect your software from your missing phone.

Tag Your Life
Mint knows your money management app should mirror your actual life. Your life breaks down into categories, and if you use Mint, so does your financial software. The tagging feature is one of the coolest and most useful features on the entire program. Does your family own two cars? Tag each one individually to see how much you spend maintaining and fueling them every year. Building an extension on your patio? Tag the project to see how much it costs in relation to how much you had budgeted.

Mint for Two
People often come in pairs; so, too, should your money management app. Whether you’re in a relationship or have a roommate, Mint can give separate, individualized updates to both of you every week at different email addresses.

Chop up Transactions
If you go to the hardware store and buy a kit to restore your car’s upholstery and drywall for a project in the basement, Mint allows you to break up the single transaction into two categories; let’s say, automotive and home improvement. This way you can use your software to track individual expenditures, even if they’re on the same receipt.

Smart — Even if Your Phone Isn’t
Mint’s app was designed for mobility, but if you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry. Mint sends SMS message updates for those who don’t have an iPhone or Android.

Chances are, your money management app is lacking some awesome features. is powerful software that gives its users a whole new experience in their money management app. But even seasoned practitioners aren’t aware of all of the unique features, which can’t be found in many other comparable programs — certainly not ones that are free. Dig deep into Mint to make sure you’re getting the most out of an already good thing.

Visit today, because not only is the software free, it’s also web-based; you don’t have to download anything or worry about security! Get Mint today and manage your money with ease.


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