How to Add Coinbase to Your Budget Tools

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How to Add Coinbase to Your Budget Tools

If you use Coinbase as your Bitcoin digital wallet, you can now use budget tools to track it just like a bank account. If you have been considering buying bitcoin, the integration of Mint with Coinbase is a great point in favor of selecting Coinbase as your digital wallet.

Coinbase is the largest bitcoin digital wallet service, and is designed to make the use of Bitcoin simpler and more secure. The partnership with Mint gives Coinbase an extra measure of confidence, and it makes tracking your bitcoin with easy-to-use budget tools a snap. Mint is free, and free apps are available for both iOS and Android, so you can carry your budget tools – including your Coinbase tracker – with you at all times. Here’s how to get started.

What You Need to Track Coinbase from Mint

To use Mint for tracking Coinbase, you need three things:

•A Coinbase bitcoin wallet
•Your API Key from Coinbase
•A free account on

If you haven’t chosen a bitcoin wallet yet, signing up for Coinbase is easy. It’s also free, wherever you are in the world. Coinbase wallets and private keys are stored using AES-256 encryption, plus the site runs entirely over SSL, so you can be confident in the security of your bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a account, signing up is easy and free and just takes a few seconds. Now you’re ready to track Coinbase using Mint, and you have a suite of great budget tools ready to help you manage your money better.

Get started now: Coinbase users, click here to get started with Mint. Sign up for Mint and track all your Coinbase transactions.

Track Coinbase in Four Simple Steps

1.To hook up Mint with your Coinbase wallet, the first thing you do is sign into your Mint account.
2.Then, click on the “Accounts” button and click on “Add Accounts.” It’s the same process you use to add a bank account or other account to Mint.
3.Next, find Coinbase by typing it into the Search bar. When Mint brings up “Coinbase,” click on it.
4.Finally, you enter your Coinbase API key and click “Add it.”

That’s all there is to it. When you want to track your Coinbase account, you’ll find it under “Investments.” It will automatically update in Mint just like your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and loans. Plus, you can track your Coinbase performance over time, exactly like you would an investment.

Benefits of Coinbase Tracking with Mint

Tracking your Coinbase wallet with Mint is convenient, and gives you a more comprehensive grasp on what’s going on with your overall financial picture. People are spending bitcoin online and at an increasing number of retailers who accept it, so using budget tools to track where your bitcoin goes only makes sense. Bitcoin as an asset is more volatile than your other investments, and that makes keeping track of it even more prudent. Whether you’re acquiring bitcoin to diversify your investments, or so you’ll have another way to transact business, treat it like the asset that it is, make use of your Mint budget tools, and you’ll have the best bitcoin experience.

What This Feature Means for Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin is moving into the mainstream, though not without drawing skepticism. It’s a digital currency or asset that handles transactions from person to person, from person to business, or sometimes even from business to person (Some companies pay their employees in bitcoin.) yet requires no centralized div or financial institution to do so. The principles underlying Bitcoin, including public key cryptography and decentralized time-stamping may revolutionize transactions. If you’re considering acquiring bitcoin, treat it as an asset rather than a novelty, and you can make the most of this new form of payment.

When it comes to managing your money with budget tools, information is power, and Mint makes it easy to have your financial information at your fingertips at home or on the go. Track bank balances, follow progress toward financial goals, and prevent mishaps like late payments with the budget tools Mint offers. You can take charge of your financial health starting right now, for free.

Get started now: Coinbase users, click here to get started with Mint. Sign up for Mint and track all your Coinbase transactions.


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