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Why is the Free Budget Planner for You


Why is the Free Budget Planner for You

Why is the Free Budget Planner for You

Technology will help you stay on track with your spending.

Whether you’re on that six figure salary or struggling with a shoestring budget, has the budget software for you. One of the biggest benefits is that it is a free budget planner, but there are many other ways you will gain. Here are some of the highlights that you need to take advantage of; and there is no financial risk involved!

No Software to Install

Everything you need is accessed through the online browser or your mobile app. There is no need to download any special software on your computer, making it easier to budget wherever you are and with whatever technological device you have. All your financial data is secure and kept in one place on your account.

Add as Many or as Few Accounts as You Need

You may just have one bank account and a savings account, or you may have multiple ones, plus investments and loans. With’s free budget planner, it doesn’t matter how many you have. You can add them all into the one account, quickly and easily. Each of them show up in your dashboard, so you can easily see where you’re overspending, whether you have anything left for that special purchase or how far off you are from meeting your savings goals.

The financial data is pulled automatically to your Mint account, and is updated each time you visit. There is no need to spend hours inputting figures and hoping you remember why you made that extra card purchase. The only thing you will need to remember are your cash purchases.

Don’t make budgeting any harder than it has to be with an online free budget planner.

Why is the Free Budget Planner for You

Auto-Categorizing for Easier Budgeting

Everything added to Mint is put into categories automatically. While you can’t change the top categories, you can change the sub ones. You can also make changes if you find something has been added in incorrectly to keep your budgeting on track. Seeing where you spend your money and the type of purchase you make is the first step to creating and sticking to a budget.

Set Goals and See Your Progress

No matter what type of financial goal you have, you can set it at If you want to create an emergency budget to avoid getting into debt, you can. If your long term goals involve buying a house, you can set that and see how far you have to do. When money is added to your savings accounts, your goals will be updated so you can constantly keep an eye on the progress. These goals can be changed too, if something in your life changes.

There is also an area for investing, which is perfect for those who have the finances for this. It is rather simplistic, but that keeps it easy to use. Watch as your investments go up and down, so you can make a better decision whether you should pull out or not.’s free budget planner is easy to use, making it perfect for all. There is no financial risk, as you learn more about budgeting, see how well you are meeting your financial goals and check on investments.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, business and personal finance.

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