Why You Need a Budget App for Your iPhone

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Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further

Budget app for your iphone

Imagine having access to detailed information about all of your accounts in one simple app. No more logging into a bank account app or a credit card account app, and scanning through transactions to see whether or not something has posted. The word “easy” rarely applies to personal finance, but a budget app for your iPhone makes it happen.

The overwhelming benefit of an iPhone personal finance app is convenience. It puts everything you need in one place so you’re never left wondering until you get home. It also means freedom.

Manage Your Finances on the Fly

A budget app for your iPhone is like a little conscience on your shoulder. It lets you know if you can splurge on the Mondo Snack Pack at the movies or buy your favorite band’s concert T-shirt at a show without breaking your budget.

Mobile is by definition portable, so you can take your budgeting software any place you want to go. You won’t have to sit down and examine the state of credit card and bank accounts before heading out the door. With a mobile app, you can do that while standing in line or sitting in the passenger seat on the way to the show.

Easy Manual Updates

Debit and credit purchases update in mobile budgeting software automatically, but cash purchases require manual entry. That doesn’t mean you have to hold onto receipts or hopefully remember every penny that you spent in order to enter those purchases once you get home.

Mint.com‘s iPhone app lets you enter cash purchases as you make them, and your account reflects the activity right away. Because everything communicates, the same information will be waiting for you on your home computer. Easy as that.

Privacy Protected, Even if You Lose Your Phone

A portable budget app sounds great, but how is that safe? Not to worry. Mint’s mobile app is password protected as tightly as any mobile banking app. Even if you lose your phone, someone who finds it would have a hard time unraveling the mysteries of your password.

Budget app for your iphone

Alerts Are Even More Helpful Away From Home

Mint.com’s budgeting software features alerts that let you know when you’re overbudget, or if credit card or checking account balances drop below your comfort zone. No time is that more important than when you’re out shopping.

The iPhone app knows the status of your accounts, and gives you a heads-up before you make a bad choice. Alerts are sent via text or email.

Mint.com’s iPhone app is a solution that works. PC Magazine says, “It is our Editors’ Choice for personal finance apps because of its speed and reliability – truly the easiest way to track all your accounts on the fly.” Working in conjunction with Mint’s budget software for your home computer, the handy mobile option condenses the information for quick, simple updates.

But you don’t have to take their word for it. Download the free iPhone app today, and see for yourself!


Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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