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10 “Of the Month Clubs” for Food Lovers

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If you want to pick a holiday gift that will be remembered long after New Year’s, it’s time to revisit of-the-month clubs. They’re literally the gift that keeps on giving.

But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill of-the-month clubs, with repeat shipments of fruit or popcorn from one food maker—the latest batches are a discerning foodie’s delight.

Most pick up on indie and artisanal brands you might not otherwise find, while sourcing picks that are organic, gluten-free or otherwise healthy.

Some subscriptions have a three-month minimum, while others let you set the budget and pay for as many months as you’d like (or send the recipient a gift card redeemable toward the club’s price.)

In any case, be sure to check sites like and for coupon codes and other deals. NatureBox offers $10 off a first offer, and TasteGuru members get 20% off a first order.

10 clubs to check out, with starting prices ranging from $10 to $75 a month:

Love with Food 

Starting price: $10/month

Not only does a subscription get you a box with at least eight foods, but the company buys a meal for a hungry child with each box purchased.

Picks are organic, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free or free of artificial ingredients. Recent boxes have included items such as Snapea Crisps and snack-size hummus.


Starting price: $18/month

A new club, UrthBox sold its first boxes in November. Subscribers can pick a regular box or one to fit specific needs, including gluten-free or weight loss.

All include organic and non-GMO picks. Each box holds 20 items; picks in the first box included Love Crunch and Chia Squeeze.


Starting price: $19/month

Celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer hand-selects the contents of each month’s box of healthy snacks.

Among the recent picks: GimMe roasted seaweed snacks and Zico coconut water.


Starting price: $19.95/month

NatureBox promises “wholesome, handpicked snacks” that have been approved by a nutritionist. (Other no-no’s include artificial sweeteners and colors, and partially hydrogenated oils.)

Subscribers get five full-sized packs each month; recent picks have included baked sweet potato fries and honey crunch crisps.


Starting price: $20/month

Each box includes five or six sample sizes of artisanal ingredients and condiments; members also get discounts on full-size products and other wares at the site’s shop.

Picks have included a spiced sour cherry spread, basil olive oil and a five-pepper spice blend.


Starting price: $25/month

For foodies who want to avoid gluten, TasteGuru pulls together gourmet gluten-free boxes. Recent picks have included Gratify gluten-free pretzels and KIND oats and honey clusters.


Starting price: $30/month

The subscription price gets you seven to 10 full-size gluten-free foods each month.

Recent picks have included Matt’s Munchies fruit leather, and Haily Merry “grawnola.”


Starting price: $36/month

Each month, get enough spirits and mixers to make two each of two specially picked cocktails.

For example, a recent box included the makings for Sparkling Applejack Cider and an Applejack Crusta.

Starting price: $50/month

The indie food site offers quirky takes on of-the-month clubs, letting subscribers opt for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of themed deliveries, all from small producers you might not have heard of.

Choices include pickles, cocktail mixers and nibbles, snacks, cookies, chocolates, jerky, and sweets—and of course, a mixed pick of the site’s new food discoveries.

Bitters + Bottles

Starting price: $75/month

Stock your home bar with this club, which sends out at least one sipping spirit each month or, with the cocktail option, bottles and recipes for trendy cocktails.

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