8 Car Insurance Discounts You Need to Know About

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Please don’t be alarmed, but there’s a very good chance you’re paying too much for car insurance. That is, unless you’re taking advantage of every discount available to you, and you’re probably not.

How can you use something you’re not even aware exists? Sure, there are a few auto insurance discounts you might know, but there are also many that some car insurers won’t tell you up front.

The good news is that there are more discounts available with car insurance than ever before, meaning you can save a nice percentage on your policy if you know where to look.

Some discounts you might want to investigate include:


If you have more than one vehicle, having them all insured in one policy with the same company often qualifies you for a multi-car discount of 25% per vehicle on average.

Be aware that each car must be registered in your name and driven by drivers listed on the policy.


When you combine your car insurance with other types of insurance such as renters’ or homeowners’ policies, you can usually qualify for a discount.

Not to mention, it’s a heck of a lot easier to make one payment to one company.

New Car Safety Features

When considering your purchase of a new or pre-owned car less than three years old, remember that features like passive restraint systems (airbags, motorized seat belts) can save you even more money.

Because the inclusion of safety features in new cars can qualify you for a variety of discounts, check with your insurance carrier to see which ones you can claim on your policy.

Finally, keep in mind that it’s becoming increasingly common for insurance carriers to offer discounts for alternative fuel and eco-friendly models.

Safe Driver

Many insurance providers give discounts to drivers who voluntarily elect to take a defensive driving course.

In addition, if you have a clean driving record (i.e., no accidents or moving violations for a specified number of years), you can probably take advantage of additional savings.

Finally, if your new or old vehicle is equipped with safety equipment such as antilock brakes, an alarm system or running lights, you’ll save more.

Married Driver

For whatever reason, statistics show that married drivers have fewer motor vehicle accidents than single people.

As a result, car insurance companies – who take statistics very seriously when formulating their policies – often provide married driver discounts.

If you’re already married (tip: don’t get married just to save on car insurance), ask your insurance carrier for this discount.

If you’re a newlywed, be sure to combine your beloved’s policy with yours to save more (see the multi-car discount above).

Home Ownership

Like with marriage, owning a home apparently shows insurance carriers that you are now a responsible adult.

This perceived stability also suggests that you are a more careful driver and so voila!, the home ownership discount was born. Enjoy.

Currently Insured/Early Signing

Many insurance carriers will offer a discount if you switch to them before your existing policy with another provider expires.

By not waiting until your policy ends before signing with a new provider, you can potentially knock up to 10% off your bill.

Teen Driver

Yes, usually the younger the driver, the higher the premium, however if your teen gets good grades (above a B average) or attends college more than 100 miles from home (and doesn’t bring his or her car), you can somewhat offset the cost of adding a teen to your policy.

In addition, naming your teenager as an occasional driver of your least expensive car will help you save some money.

Finally, add your son or daughter to your existing policy to take advantage of multi-car discounts.


Some additional discounts your insurance carrier may not mention include savings for those in low-risk occupations, people who belong to professional organizations or the military, and buyers who opt to pay the premium all at once through auto-pay, and/or using paperless billing.

Drivers over the age of 55 may also enjoy a senior discount.

Finally, it can’t hurt to inquire about loyalty discounts, which will vary depending on how long you’ve been a customer, and renewal discounts if you renew your policy in advance of the renewal date.

While certainly not exhaustive, the above list can put you on course to save on your car insurance.

It’s also important to remember that even a company that provides the most discounts may not necessarily offer the lowest auto insurance rates, so it’s important to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes.

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