Best Reward Cards: Top Rewards Credit Card Programs
Best Reward Cards: Top Rewards Credit Card Programs

Best Reward Cards: Top Rewards Credit Card Programs

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Every time you swipe, tap, dip, or type to pay for a purchase with your credit card, the merchant has to pay a small fee to the credit card companies for processing the transaction. The best credit cards give you a slice of that fee in the form of credit card rewards – and there are plenty of rewards cards to choose from.

What’s the best credit card for rewards? Short answer: it depends. Credit card reward programs run the gamut; some offer point bonuses, others reward certain types of spending. It’s not a one-size-fits all solution, but your perfect reward card fit is out there.

The top reward credit cards cater to an array of desires. Whether you want to get cash back or earn miles and points toward free travel, the cards below are all a great place to get started.

Chase Freedom Flex / Freedom Unlimited (*)

Both are excellent credit cards from Chase with no annual fee. If you also hold one of the Sapphire cards, you can combine balances and turn Chase cash back into Ultimate Rewards points at a value of 1 cent = 1 point. Because you can redeem for 1.25 cents per dollar with Sapphire Preferred (*) and 1.5 cents per dollar with Sapphire Reserve (*), either of these cards pairs well with a Sapphire card to turbocharge your earnings.

Both cards also currently offer a $200 cash back bonus after you spend $500 in the first 3 months. You can also earn 5% cash back on grocery store purchases (not including Target® or Walmart® purchases) on up to $12,000 spent in the first year.


Capital One Venture

Capital One Venture rewards users in two different ways: through cash redemption and travel points. While you can use the “redeem for cash” version, many people opt for the travel rewards version. It gives you 2x points per dollar on new purchases. It comes with a 50,000-point bonus after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months.

While the card charges a $95 annual fee, it is waived the first year. It is also easy to see how you can get $100+ in annual value from the card. In addition to travel points, the card covers Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, has no foreign transaction charges, and offers a range of travel and purchase benefits.

Points are transferrable to a list of airline partners, though ratios range from 2:1 to 2:1.5 points – that means you get less than 1 airline mile for each 1 Venture point. You can redeem points at a value of 1 cent each for statement credits on past travel purchases, but you may be able to get a little bit more value transferring or booking travel through the Capital One portal.

Choosing the best rewards credit card for your needs means looking at your spending habits, and the rewards that would benefit you most. The above are some of the best rewards credit cards available, so consider your needs and pick the right rewards program for your need.


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(*) Some of the offers on this page may no longer be available through our site.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further

Eric Rosenberg
Eric Rosenberg

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14 responses to “Best Reward Cards: Top Rewards Credit Card Programs”

  1. Why isn’t the Barclays Uber Card on here? It has 4% at restuaraunts, 3% on travel, 2% for online and uber purchases, 1% everything else. In addition, it has a variety of protections, a $50 subscription credit, and no foreign transaction fees.

  2. I recently opened a Fidelity Rewards Signature Card at Fidelity .Com. It gives you 2X points per dollar on every purchase and carries no annual fee. You can opt to have your points converted to cash and deposited into your Fidelity account.

  3. Why isn’t the Bank of America “CASH BACK” card listed ?
    3% GAS, 2% Groceries & COSTCO, 1% Everything else.
    PLUS MORE if a Preferred Member.

    Customers should be WARNED Citi Bank has AWFUL Customer Service !!

  4. CapitalOne Savor, Bonus = $500 after $3,000 spending in first 3 months. $95 annual fee waived for first year! The 4% cash back on dining/entertainment and 2% on groceries (it’s the standard 1% on all other purchases)

  5. There are many other rewards cards that are not listed here. These skew toward travel and restaurant categories. Disappointing article.

  6. I’m a big fan of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred. I buy groceries every week, and to receive 6% cash back on them is huge. I also receive 3% cash back on gas and 1% back on everything else. Not to mention that I started with Blue Cash Everyday, received the $150 sign up bonus, then was given a $250 upgrade bonus to move up to the preferred version.

    Big fan of AmEx. These cards have also proved fruitful.

  7. I was told that was the only option is to have the rewards deposited into your Fidelity account. Can you redeem it in cash or direct deposit to a bank of choice?

  8. This is a shit article, but chase sapphire reserve is better for almost all those categories. I only use the Uber card for online purchases and subscriptions. When you spend with chase sapphire reserve, you earn 3 points on travel and diving and those points are redeemable at 1.5x for travel. So 4.5pts compared to 4 and 3 on Uber card

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