A young influencer uses her social currency to build her personal brand online.
A young influencer uses her social currency to build her personal brand online.

Social Currency: What It Is And How To Use It To Build Your Personal Brand

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Social Currency Definition
Social currency describes the power and influence you yield on social networking platforms to impact others around you.

One of the keys to building a strong online identity is understanding how social currency and your overall personal brand play a role in social networking. The good news is that you don’t have to start from square one. You can borrow social network currency strategies from major brands and influencers to use your online persona for genuine connections and influence.

However, remember that successful social brands are those that show authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability on every post. They create a community of like-minded individuals from all around the world. Keep reading for a more detailed description of how social currency works and how you should spend it. 

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How Does Social Currency Work?

Social media currency increases the more loyal, authoritative, and reliable your brand becomes. When posting, you’re focusing on what makes you different and better than the rest. That’s why the most authentic influencers out there are known to have the most loyal audiences. Viewers truly feel like they are part of a community and take their advice seriously.

Businesses can leverage their social currency by showing the behind the scenes of projects in the works, product teasers, and some potential hardships that got in the way before completing projects. This provides individuals and brands the ability to relate to viewers through storytelling on a daily basis.

The 6 Attributes of Social Currency

Six illustrations accompany the different ways to optimize social currency on social media platforms.

There are six key attributes that optimize your social currency: affiliation, conversation, utility, value, advocacy, information, and identity. Leveraging one or more of these attributes can help you build a successful online presence. When working on your brand, there are some ways to use your social currency to grow your authority in your industry of interest.


When growing your personal brand, you want to foster a community of those that are interested in the same things as you. To gain the right audience, post industry-specific content that would only attract those that are interested in the same thing as you.


Once you’ve created a community, get the conversation going! When posting a new image, article, or video, ask your audience a question to answer in the comments afterwards. It’s just as important to comment back. At the end of your day, schedule out a chunk of time to respond to your audience’s answers or questions.


Consistently post tips, tricks, and other valuable information for your audience to read. For instance, share interesting podcasts, free printables, or ebooks that your viewers would find appealing.


As most individuals trust social media influencers more than they do businesses, make sure you’re always staying true to your brand. Only share products and services that benefit you rather than your bank account. Sharing products or services that aren’t as good as you thought could damage your personal brand and viewer loyalty.


Share industry specific information within your niche. Share relatable blog posts about your experience within the industry or helpful guides your audience would find useful. Whatever it may be, provide valuable and unique insight into your community’s niche.


While your audience grows, consistently communicate how similar you all are. You most likely have similar passions and interests. Let your audience know they are a community of like-minded individuals throughout your posts and videos to create more personal relationships.

Using Social Currency To Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand plays a leading role when setting your career and salary expectations. Recruiters look at the community of followers you attract and how you choose to interact with them. Since nearly 40 percent of people  trust and value recommendations from influencers over businesses, what you choose to share leaves a mark on your personal brand.

As nearly 70 percent of the U.S. population has a social media profile, it’s a great way to showcase your brand as a young professional. Using social media, you can show your audience the authenticity that goes into your work, services, products, and passion for whatever you’ve been working toward. The more your audience resonates with your personal brand, the more your engagement rates and trustworthiness grows.

Employees who have a strong personal brand show their authority and trustworthiness in that specific industry. Recruiters will look at what audiences you attract and how you communicate with them. Adding an employee with a strong personal brand to your team adds value to the business’s overall brand. Your personal audience will most likely show loyalty in the brand you work for through the exposure and opinion you portray on social media.

Here are a few easy ways you can use social currency to build your brand and improve your career:

  • Check your audience monthly: Consistently check who follows you and who you communicate with, since recruiters look at the followers you attract and how you connect with them.
  • Add five or six hashtags to every post: Every post you publish, add at least five to six relevant hashtags in your description, in your comments section, and profile bio.
  • Create a private and professional account: Create two separate accounts. Switch your account setting to private for all the accounts you’d like to keep personal, and leave your professional accounts open for other professionals to see!
  • Google yourself regularly: Control your Google image by creating your own online portfolio. That way, when other professionals search your name, all your achievements will come up first.
  • Have a consistent message across all platforms: Keep all of your profile bios, profile pictures, and content aligned. That way, when professionals cross-reference your profiles, they won’t find any differences.

Navigating social media and the methods to build an authentic brand is no small task. As we’ve discussed, it takes a loyal community, engagement, and, above all else, genuine passion. Once you’ve checked all these boxes  — and we know you will — use our app to keep track of your earnings and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Social Currency FAQs

Take a gander through some commonly asked questions regarding social currency and online influencing. 

How Do You Build Social Currency?

Here are some common strategies used to build social currency online: 
• Be unique
• Ask questions and engage with your audience 
• Explore different content platforms  
• Create a community
• Have a strong social media strategy 
• Praise your audience  

Why Is Social Currency Important? 

Social currency allows brands to see the direct impact their influence can have on an audience when it comes to buying, selling, or promoting a product. 

What Is the Social Currency of This Generation? 

Some label Gen Z as the Like Generation — meaning the more likes you receive, the more social currency you have online. 


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