9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear
9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear

9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear on Life, Money, and Career Success

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No matter how you made it to your college graduation, you did it! Your hard work paid off and it’s an exciting accomplishment. Whether you’re ready to have a small at-home celebration or kickstart your career, graduation is a big transition. Instead of looking at your class schedules for next semester, you may be looking at different benefits packages from your new employer. Your apartment may get a slight upgrade and you may never have homework again, but you’ll always be learning something new that can be learned through various TED Talks resources.

While this time is rewarding in so many ways, it can also feel very uncertain. You may be considering how to manage your student loans or trying to discover your true passion before signing a job offer. Looking even further ahead, your future might involve saving for a house or buying a new car.

Making career and financial decisions can seem daunting without much guidance. Since 60 percent of young adults are stressed about being successful, getting a head start on this big change may help. It’s never too early to start figuring out what works for you — thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there to help, like TED Talks.

From learning how to manage your money or breaking a bad habit to making a significant career pivot, we’ve highlighted nine of the best TED Talks for those fresh out of college and ready to hit the ground running. Check out our infographic below for tips from experts that have already been there and done that.

9 TED Talks Every Grad Needs to Hear


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