10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget
10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget

10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget

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We all know Dad’s can be hard to shop for. They always seem to buy things for themselves, which leaves us guessing for Father’s Day. This year, instead of another mug, why not give a unique gift that won’t break the bank? There are so many different ways you can say “I Love You” to dear old Dad that can fit into any budget.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started on buying Dad’s gift, no matter his interests or personality. Take these ideas and add a personal touch to create a gift he’ll cherish forever.

10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget

DIY Photo Book

It’s time to put all of those great memories in one spot. Do a little digging and find some family photos that Dad loves. Check out social media, scan old photos and take some new ones to create a photo book. They make a great coffee table piece and it’s something that Dad can appreciate for years to come.

Homemade Grill Seasonings

If you always find Dad around the grill, why not create some custom seasoning blends that he can enjoy? It’s an easy and inexpensive homemade that’s creative. Purchase some small mason jars and add your own label. If you already cook, you probably already have a spice cabinet – just mix and blend to create something custom.

DIY Coffee Cup Holder

If you’ve given Dad years of mugs, it’s time to help him get organized. You can easily create a coffee cup holder with wood slices and dowels. It looks modern and sleek, plus it’s a great way to keep mugs organized and on display.

Gift An Experience

Instead of a tangible gift, get creative with a day that’s designed just for Dad. Since you’re planning on sticking to a budget, research restaurant, and activity coupon websites to put together your own day. You can keep it a complete surprise and just tell him where to start and how to dress.

You can find discounts on everything from outdoor sports, like fishing excursions, to exotic driving experiences. It just takes a little internet research to find the deals that you want.

Make Custom Simple Syrups For Dad’s Bar

If your dad loves a great martini, you can easily create your own flavored simple syrups. A simple syrup is made by boiling together equal parts water and sugar together until you have a syrup. Next, just add your own extracts to create a custom flavored syrup.

Donate On Dad’s Behalf

If you’ve got a philanthropic Dad with a heart of gold, think about making a donation in his name to his favorite organization. It doesn’t matter how small or big of a donation you make because it’s all about the purpose behind the gift.

Write a heartfelt card and tell Dad how much you care about his philanthropic efforts. There may not be a dry eye in the room when he gets that gift.

Get Crafty With Photo Transfers

I’m not a crafty person at all, but doing a photo transfer is so easy and perfect for beginners. You can transfer words, like Dad’s favorite quote, or photos, onto almost any surface. You can transfer photos onto wood, an apron, or t-shirt. It’s a great way for Dad to take a part of his family wherever he goes.

Make A Gift Box For Your Traveling Dad

If your dad loves to travel and always has his next trip on the books, then you can put together a custom box that coordinates with his next trip. Contact the local tourism board and ask for any brochures from the area. Next, you can add accessories to it. Think about coffees or candies from the region he is visiting or any travel accessories that he might need. A new adaptor or 3oz. travel products are always good to have on hand. Having reading material and snacks will get him excited about the destination!

Shop Smart For Dad’s Love of Golf

Sure, golf isn’t the most inexpensive hobby out there – but you can find some cheap golf gifts that Dad will still appreciate. Golf balls, tees, glove,s and club covers are some of the best small items for golfers. Many golf brands have outlet locations around the country, where you can find the best deals.

Give Your Sporty Dad A Tune-Up

If your Dad loves being active, think of ways you can support Dad’s hobby. If he loves biking, offer a tune-up. If your Dad loves running, sign him up for his next race. You can even stock up on his favorite fit fuel, which saves him some money each month.

When In Doubt – BAKE

They say the quickest way to man’s heart is through his stomach and there’s no exception for Dad. Baking something homemade is always a great way to go if you’re on a tight budget. Everyone loves a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies or homemade biscuits for brunch.

No matter what you give Dad for Father’s Day, he’s sure to appreciate your efforts and love the gift. There’s no need to overspend because Dad’s are the best and always love the simplicity of a well-thought-out gift idea.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further