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Kids & Money: Round-up of Best Money & Parenting Advice from So Money Podcast Interviews

Family Finances Round-up of Best Money & Parenting Advice

With Mother’s Day around the corner, moms everywhere can rejoice in knowing that they tend to leave a positive impact on their children’s financial lives. A survey finds 81% of Americans saying their mothers shared financial wisdom with them and 85% learned how to be frugal thanks to mom.

On my podcast, So Money, parenting experts and money gurus have shared some invaluable advice on how to raise money savvy children in today’s world. Here’s a round-up of some of the best advice from how to make saving fun and ways to teach kids to appreciate the value of a dollar.

“Make money visual.”

Susan Beacham, Creator of the Money Savvy Pig

“Research tells us that at the age of 4, the visible accumulation of coins, of a child watching coin accumulate translates and helps them understand the concept of saving. If they don’t see it accumulate, you’re losing the very essence of what they need to understand how to delay and put money aside for something they want tomorrow.”

“Teach that money is abundant. They’ll value it more.”

Dr. Shefali, Psychologist and Author, The Awakened Family

Instead of telling my daughter all the time that we don’t have money, I always tell her that there’s enough money for every single thing you desire. But the key is to know what we truly need and then wait for what you need and create a plan for it in the future. But it always is a yes…just maybe not a yes right now.

Instead, I tell her, let’s make a plan for it. If you really want that ridiculously expensive piece of machinery, you can have it. And if you really want it, you’ll get it.

Spreading abundance is key for our children so that they don’t grow up thirsty for money. I do believe that much of our fear around money comes from the state of scarcity that parents create in their children. It can actually make them thirstier for it rather than making them feel like, “I have enough and be grateful for what I do have.”


“Engage your kids.”

Beth Kobliner, Author, Make Your Kid a Money Genius

“I think it’s that important that we talk to kids about what we’re doing. For example: “Now I’m paying the bills. We have to pay for the cellphone and we have to pay for the lights.”Those kind of conversations, especially when kids are young, are really important tomake money concrete. There are studies that show when parents talk to kids about college savings, and say, “I have money and I’m putting it into a savings account for your college,” kids are more likely to go to college.”


“Start retirement lessons early.”

Bill Dwight,

“One of my favorite financial habits with my kids was convincing them to set up a Roth IRA when they got that first summer job or part-time job. Hopefully you’ll also teach them about using an index fund. You can possibly offer to match a little bit into that Roth IRA, too. I’ve done this for each of my kids and I think it’s such a powerful message: Work and you will be rewarded.”


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