11 Affordable Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Want

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Even though many claim Father’s Day is just a “Hallmark Holiday,” we could probably all agree that dads deserve at least one day of recognition. But with the recession continually on the minds of consumers, finding the ideal and affordable gift can prove difficult. We have compiled a list of gifts, all under $100 that serve as a 2009 Father’s day gift guide; they are cost-saving in nature, or genuinely great and useful products. But ultimately, they are all priced within a reasonable range. But just because they’re cheap doesn’t make them any less desirable. The following are eleven father’s day gifts that dads will actually want:

Scosche Bluetooth Visor Mount w/ Caller ID, $99

Image: Best Buy

When bluetooth headsets first came out, everyone rushed out and bought them like hotcakes. Then after some time went by, most started to realize these make the wearer look like a telemarketer. For mobile phone users in states that have cracked down on driving-while-talking, such as New York and California, there is an alternative: The Scosche. This crystal clear speakerphone can not only help dad preserve his image, but also keep him from wasting money on unnecessary moving violations.

TomTom One 125 GPS, $99

Image: TomTom

Let’s face it, every dad gets lost every once in a while even if they are loathe to admit it. And with a portable GPS, he won’t have to. You can save him time and gas money, by helping him find the most efficient route to each destination. Extra bonus: never again will he need to get out and ask someone at the gas station for directions, which is probably more important than the other reasons for having this.

The Peek, $79

Image: Peek

Many fathers are still trying how to figure out how to set their TiVos. So for those not quite ready to join the smartphone set but still wanting to at least appear as if they are living in the 21st century, there is the Peek. This tiny gadget performs one function, and it performs it quite well: mobile email. Useful on the go, dad can leave this gadget (and his work) in the office and still be reachable via cell-phone for a impromptu fishing trip or baseball game. The Peek’s monthly service is $19 per month, with no preset contracts.

NetFlix-Roku – Set Top Device, $99

Image: Roku

Going to the movie rental store always seemed like a very fatherly responsibility. Then came NetFlix. But with this new service came a new problem – queuing films up and having to wait for them to be shipped. Now, with the Netflix-Roku device, users can currently access over 12,000 films from the NetFlix library at anytime, without wait. And, without having to leave the couch. A standard monthly rate applies for the Netflix service, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Sprint MiFi 2200 by Novatel, $99

Image: Nextel Online

Sprint/Novatel’s new 2200 MiFi device is a personal go-anywhere Wi-Fi connection. This EVDO modem is capable of sharing a personal Hotspot with up to five users/devices, and can be used in network covered areas. This is a great replacement service for those dads currently paying monthly rates for both a AirCard-type access and a home or office-based high-speed Internet connection.

P3 International P4460 Kill-A-Wat EZ, $49

Image: P3 International

As with personal finance, the first step with energy conservation is identifying wasteful spending. The Kill-A-Wat is a nifty gadget that can tell your father how much energy each appliance uses, and consequently what each appliance is costing the household as a percentage of its monthly bill. This is one useful way of determining which older appliances might be better off replacing. It may not be flashy but it sure is thoughtful.

magicJack, $39

Image: magicJack

Most people have probably seen the commercials on late night television, but there is no denying that this gadget is both extremely useful and cost-saving. The magicJack plugs into a computer’s USB, and then a phone is plugged directly into it. A free phone number is even provided, and calls are made free over the internet. Even better, is that there is no monthly rate or long distance charges, and the first year is free. Every year thereafter, there is a flat rate of $19.00 per year. Imagine, Pops could be saving several hundreds of dollars per year and it’s all because of you.

Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker, $39

Image: Bialetti

Sometimes it’s hard to get dads to spend money on something nice for themselves. For those fathers who enjoy coffee, who wouldn’t love an classic, Italian-made Espresso Maker? This one from Bialetti Moka, is not only a fine piece of kitchenware, but having this in the house would presumably help stave off dad’s temptation to go to The Coffee Bean as well.

Fuji Finepix J10, $99

Image: Fuji

The Fuji Finepix J10 is a simple to use, intuitively laid-out and straightforward 8.2 Megapixel camera from an industry leader. This camera is slim, compact, and offers a nice array of basic features. It is one of the most highly lauded digital point-and-shoots in this price range. Definitely a good replacement for that 35MM he’s still lugging around.

Humminbird Fish Finding Watch, $89

Image: Humminbird

Most dads like fishing, and everyone likes fishing more when they catch more fish. There have long been sonar (“fish finding”) devices that affix to a boat, but this one is competitively priced and fits nicely on the wrist. The watch has a 75′ radius and gives easy-to-read output on where to cast ones line. It’s also waterproof, and back-lit for early morning or night fishing.

GMC Denali Road Bike, $159

Image: GMC Bicycles

First of all, this gift is slightly out of the predetermined range. But this would make a great gift by those with siblings. Just simply go in on it together.  Getting dad a bike can be a great way to help him get more excercise. You might be able to convince him to start commuting to work, so he could save money on gas, and get in better shape. Warning: he might not like you at first for getting him this, but he’ll love you for it.


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