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#NewDecadeNewYou: Setting Money Goals for 2020 and Beyond

Financial Goals New Decade New You Contest Winner

Now that we’re almost a month into the new decade, you may have decided on some personal goals to make this year your best one yet to help propel you on your journey in becoming the best version of yourself in 2030. To kick off January with a bang, we challenged the Mint community to share their budget in 2020 and compare it to how they want to see their budget transform in 2030. While we loved all of them, here are some of our favorites: 



This was the biggest trend we saw throughout the sweepstakes. Clearly, Mint-ers are NOT kidding when it comes to food. We saw all kinds– convenience store pizza to pizza in Naples, boxed mac and cheese to truffle mac and cheese, fast food to fine dining. But the one we found to be the most #relatable?

New Decade New You Guac is Extra Meme

Photo Credit: Jason Farrell, @jheckend0


We feel you, Jason. In 2030, we know guac is extra, and we want 3 of them in the bag to-go, please. 



Don’t get us wrong, being at home and around our loved ones feels great. But a little sunny getaway will make anyone feel joyful.

New Decade New You Sunny Contest Entry

Photo Credit: Dinal, @Joyful026


Snow: 1, Dina: 0. 



You don’t always have to go from zero to a hundred. Sometimes, you’re already doing amazing, like Dan. 

New Decade New You Contest Entry

Photo Credit: Dan Bcheck, @BcheckDaniel


And now, for the #NewDecadeNewYou sweepstakes WINNER. 


Photo Credit: Cindy, @Cinderzrella

Here’s how Cindy intends on kickstarting her journey in becoming a better version of herself this next decade: 

“We just bought a home and I will use the prize money to landscape our front yard which is mostly dirt. It’s going to look beautiful.” 

Congratulations Cindy! We can’t wait to see how beautiful your garden turns out. 

Whether you were featured or not, we loved seeing each and every one of the submissions. We all have big dreams and aspirations for this upcoming decade and just by sharing your meme, you’ve taken the first step in manifesting your financial future. While the sweeps may have ended, we hope your personal finance journey doesn’t end here. Continue sharing your progress and tag us on social media, Mint-ers, we got this!


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