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How to Split the Cost of Moving

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Money tends to be a touchy subject for many people–so don’t be surprised if you run into roadblocks when you and your roommate or significant other begin calculating moving costs.

There are several ways to split moving costs, depending upon whether or not you are living with your sweetie or a roommate.

Moving with Your Significant Other

Divide Everything 50/50: This seems like an obvious and simple option, but this may be a difficult thing to tackle if your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse makes less money than you.

They may feel frustrated that they are paying a higher fraction of their salary on moving costs.

Go According by Ratio: Dividing moving costs according to ratio could be a fair way to make things equal.

However, this could get messy or resentful if one person gets a pay raise or pay cut.

Breadwinner Takes All: If one person stays home with the kids, this might be the best option.

Just make sure that the stay-at-home partner is doing tasks around the house or plays a major role in planning the move so that responsibilities don’t feel out of balance.

Split Moving Bills: You and your sweetie can assign different bills to each partner.

Have one partner pay for the truck, for example, and then have the other pick up the tab for the movers, gas, etc.

Moving with Roommates

Split Deposits Evenly: After all, you are both benefiting from moving in together, and this is a significant moving cost, if not the most expensive.

If you are in a situation where one of the roommates has a pet, it’s up to the pet’s owner to cough up the cash for the pet deposit.

Hiring Movers: This can be tricky if you two are moving from separate places.

If you’re just changing locations, the solution is easy: Simply split everything down the middle.

If you’re moving into one place from separate location, each individual should be responsible for their own moving costs.

If you’re bribing your mutual friends with pizza and beer to help you move in, make sure you split the cost of that too!

Turning on Utilities: There are two general schools of thought around this issue.

Some roommates have each bill put into their name if they know that they will be using one utility more than the other person.

For example, someone who watches TV more may pick up the cable bill, while the person who uses more electricity or water will pick that up.

Others will combine all utilities month by month and split the moving-in costs equally.

The Bottom Line

Whatever method you decide to go with when it comes to splitting costs of moving, make sure that you both have communicated everything clearly before signing the lease so that there is no confusion (or lack of funds) when the time comes to move in.

After all, happy roommates are the best roommates.

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