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9 Great Sites for Saving Money on Pet Supplies

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Having a pet is a like having a kid: They cost… a lot. In fact, Forbes says having a large dog can cost $1,570 a year. And that’s if nothing goes wrong. If you add in boarding, dog walkers, or emergency trips to the vet, the cost can skyrocket. Believe me, I know. I once paid close to $500 for a vet visit after my overly curious pup ate a tuna can.

I love my dog and want the best for her, so I’m not willing to buy questionable dog food or live in a toy-free household. The bill for her supplies can amount to quite a bit. Instead, I buy my pet supplies online to save. Here are some of my favorite sites, complete with prices.

Food and Treats

Online pet stores and many online grocery stores sell dog food. To find the best deal on my pricey organic food brand, I had to do some comparison shopping. I’ve ordered the same dog food from three major pet sites over the past few months. Every shipment arrived on time and the food was good quality, but the prices varied quite a bit.


-Per-bag price: $53.99 for a 30-pound bag
-Shipping: $22.23 (UPS Ground)
-Discount: $8.80 for auto-order
Total cost: $67.42

-Per-bag price: $56.64 for a 30-pound bag
-Shipping: $5.99
-Tax: $5.39
-Discount: $5.66 for auto-order
Total cost: $62.36


-Per-bag price: $51.99 for a 30-pound bag
-Discount: none
-Shipping: free with Super Saver
Total cost: $51.99

For treats, all three sites had the same price for the brand I usually buy, but Amazon had the lowest shipping overall.


While my dog is happy with an empty plastic water bottle, I still like buying toys. I might actually like it a littletoo much, because I’ve spent hours looking at the toys available on different pet sites. Overall, these are my three go-to sites based on price and selection.

-Toy prices: ranges from $1.99 to $24.99
-Shipping: based on total price, starting at $6.95 and up to $10
-Toy prices: range from 99 cents to $29.99
-Shipping: based on weight, starting at $4.99

Dog Supplies

-Toy prices: $.98 to $14.98
-Shipping: $5.99 on any size order for economy shipping

Overall, each site in the top three had its own benefits: accepts in-store returns, suggests products based on breed, and Dog Supplies had a bargain bin and the lowest prices on popular toys.


Flea medicine is my dog’s biggest expense, probably because I was buying it at a retail store. Consumer Reports found that Drs. Foster & Smith, 1-800-PetMeds, and PetCareRx ran about 30 percent cheaper on Frontline than Petco and Petsmart. I found that you save even more if you compare the three sites together.

For example, here’s a three-month supply of Frontline Plus for dogs 23 to 44 pounds…


-Cost: $39.99
-Shipping: $5.99
Total cost: $45.98

-Cost: $39
-Shipping: free on all orders $39 and up
Total cost: $39

Drs. Foster & Smith

-Cost: $38.99
-Shipping: free on all flea and tick orders
Total cost: $38.99

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