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How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget

How To

Furnishing an apartment can get pricey, and if you’re decorating on a budget, you’re probably looking for ways to save.

However, if you go too cheap, your purchases will fall apart and you’ll waste money in the long run.

Here are some tips for how to save intelligently when furniture shopping for your apartment bedroom:

Have a Purpose

What is it you’re buying the furniture for? Are you looking to refurbish used pieces for a unique bedroom set? Are you hoping to get something that will last you a lifetime?

Answering these questions will determine the approach you take to shopping. No matter what your intent, you’ll want sturdy pieces that you can potentially sell down the road.

You may not ever plan on selling your furniture, but when life requires you to move, you may not have room to take things with you.

Find a Good Source

Where you buy your bedroom furniture will impact what you do with it. Buying it new from a designer store most likely indicates you aren’t planning on altering the piece.

However, if you want to take something old and make it new and fabulous, a thrift store is the way to go. Here are some things to look for when thrifting for your bedroom furniture:

Wood Types: Solid wood is the sturdiest, as it is one continuous piece. It looks great and is generally more expensive.

Solid wood furniture is susceptible to scratches and water rings, so carefully inspect pieces before purchasing.

Veneers are pieces that have a cheaper wood covered with a nicer wood. These items are less sturdy but also more affordable.

Particle or composite woods are made of wood pieces that are mixed with adhesive and pressed together. These don’t look as nice and won’t last long.

Check Function: Open drawers and cabinet doors to be sure they function well. They should not stick or fall out. Check knobs and handles to see if they are screwed tightly.

Of course, if you’re customizing the furniture, you may want to replace hardware anyhow.

Avoid Nails and Glue: Furniture that is put together with nails and glue isn’t as strong as properly joined pieces.

Look at the ends and corners of the dressers and nightstands that you find.

Check Springs: If you’re looking to purchase an armchair for your bedroom, make sure the springs are all functional.

You shouldn’t be stabbed when you sit down, nor should you sag.

Research Online

A perk of buying bedroom furniture online is that you can look at customer reviews.

Did other buyers get good use out of the piece or did it fall apart? Was the color the same in real life as it was online? Were all the parts in the box when it arrived?

Avoid a headache by reading about pieces before purchasing.

Cutting Corners

While you want your furniture to be well-built, there are a few places you can skimp.

For example, rather than going all out for down cushions, opt for a spring-and-polyfoam core topped off with a layer of down. You can also buy furniture with less durable fabric.

No matter what type of fabric your furniture is covered in, it will wear out. You can always reupholster later.

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