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If you ask a random person on the street what they do, chances are they have a lot of slashes and hyphens in their job titles. In this day and age, if you don’t have multiple sources of income you are just getting by. The era of working one job your entire life is over, and when it comes to finding ways to make extra money on the side, millennials are very creative with their side hustles. Some side hustles pay well and some are passion projects, but if you’re looking for some extra cash, listen up.

Whether you’re the 44% of the people between the ages of 25 and 34 pursuing a side hustle to make extra income — let’s face it, anyone who does this on their  free time knows how empowering it can be to have a cushion in your bank account.  Say you’re living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay off student loans or credit card debt.

From pet walking with WAG to recycling old clothes in your closet with Relovv or even making money charging electric scooters with Lime, go-getters are shaping the art of the side hustle and making it work for their lifestyles.

Even selling your old tech can make you money. There are now endless opportunities for a motivated person to turn their free time into cold, hard cash. Thanks to new tech, apps and innovations that are helping fuel the rise of a sharing economy that turns assets people already own like cars and homes into business opportunities.

If you’ve already trimmed your budget to the bone with the help of the Mint app and still struggle to make ends meet, stop what you’re doing and read on to make money with these side hustle apps.


Pro Tip: When looking for side hustle ideas, there are several things to consider before signing up, including scalability, earning potential and scheduling.

Scalability Through On-Demand Labor Employers

If you already have a 9-5  job or are in school and have many commitments, scalability is a big factor to consider. Some on-demand side gigs, including Uber, LYFT  and WAG pet walking, allow you to set your own schedule and decide when you want to work. Once you have signed up you can do jobs for these employers WHEREVER AND WHENEVER you want. I like to emphasize wherever and whenever because there is no actual employer that allows its employee to earn in this way.

When money is tight, you can put in more time and work extra hours and take on more jobs to boost your income. Like Uber, Postmates allows you to make your own hours, but no car is required. You can sign up to become a local courier who delivers everything from laundry to take out to customers using the app. You can deliver on foot, by bike, or via scooter.

WAG average pay: You can set your rates, but many dog walkers charge about $15 to $25 per walk.

Uber or LYFT average pay: $15 to $20 per hour ($15.13* is Uber’s current average).

Postmates average pay: up to $25 per hour.


Earning potential

Obviously, side hustles vary in earning potential and each hustle has a different starting price. While some pay a minimum of $10 an hour, others can pay over $40 an hour.

A lot of people have a bunch of junk they never use, hoarded away in their back closet. Let’s turn this into a pile of cash. Remember one man’s trash is another’s treasure. About 50% of iPhone users and 40% of Android users upgrade their cell phone as soon as their wireless company allows (typically every two years).  I am that person, and if you’re one of those people, then you probably have at least one or two old smartphones laying around somewhere.

With each passing year, those old smartphones are losing market value as their technology becomes more and more obsolete.  So it is in your best interest to sell them immediately. Try out Gazelle for electronics.

With just a few pictures of each item, you’ll be able to have posts up in no time, and extra cash in your pocket! Not to mention, the extra space and clean closet!

The Letgo selling app is perfect for selling items around your home, due in large part to the fact that it is the largest and fastest-growing selling app out there.

Relovv is a new fashion marketplace that lets you save the planet from your closet. Not only are you making money, but you will help Reduce Reuse Relovv and change the wasteful fashion industry forever.

Passive Income

You can also earn up to $400 dollars a night in passive income and get paid while you sleep by collecting scooters and charging them overnight though Bird.

The company sends you chargers for free after making you an official “Bird Hunter”. You can access a map interface through the bird app that tells you where the birds that need charging are and how much they will pay you to charge them.

Bird or Lime scooter average pay: The company pays anywhere from $5-$20 per scooter depending on how difficult it is to find and release the scooter. You can charge up to 20 scooters for up to $400 dollars a night.

Do you have that untouched room in your house or apartment? Do you want to make money while doing almost nothing? Yes, that opportunity exists. No skills required — just a clean home and the ability to make sure renters have easy access to it. Airbnb performs a background check and reviews public databases of criminal records and national sex offender registries.

Airbnb Average pay: $924 per month

  • HomeAway, VRBO and FlipKey are similar companies

Another way to make passive income is rent out your car.

Let your car work for you, listing your car is simple and usually takes about 10 minutes. You can set your own rates and your car’s availability. Also, Turo provides comprehensive insurance coverage so you don’t need to worry.

Turo Average pay: Make up to $600 a month

So there you have it. Let us know if we missed an app or if there’s one you favor over another.


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Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further