Squeeze the Most Out of Your Dollars: How to Juice on a Budget

How To Fresh Organic Juice from a Juice Machine

It’s not your imagination – juicing is everywhere these days.

On the face of it, drinking your produce isn’t an obvious money-saver — you’re taking a large quantity of vegetables or fruit and turning it into a small amount of juice.

But compared with buying fancy bottled juices from a store or fresh made from a juice bar, which can easily run $5 or more apiece, making your own juice at home can be much cheaper.

That’s especially true if you can score bulk discounts at a warehouse club or focus on in-season goods (which will be at their cheapest year round).

And if you’re really looking to make a go of juicing, experts suggests trading up to a more expensive but more efficient juicer, which can extract more juice from the same amount of produce.

Inexpensive but tasty recipes help, too. We asked juice fans for their best combos.

Here are six to try:

Alkalizing Green Juice

Melanie and Nick Angelis, of TheGrecianGarden.com are fans of this mix. “I drink this one at least once a day, sometimes twice,” says Melanie.

Push through the juicer half a cucumber, four stalks of celery, two large handfuls of greens, half a lemon, and either one or two cloves of garlic or a half-inch nub of ginger.

Get the greens through by pushing them down with the cucumber or celery, they suggest.

Body Quencher

BODY of Santa Fe owner Lorin
Parish makes this blend — one of the café’s most popular — with two large carrots, three-quarters of a medium beet, a tablespoon and a half of ginger, 
and a half-tablespoon lemon.

Pink Explosion

Avid juicer Sarah Taylor, a manager at Admission-essays.org, uses this Vitamin-C-rich blend as a wake up.

Juice one-eighth of a watermelon and five ounces of strawberries. “It’s a perfect option to begin your day,” she says.

Apple Motini

BlendedRecipes.com suggests this mix: four sliced apples, two sliced cucumbers, a handful of mint, one sliced lime, 
and a cup and a half spinach

Vitality Juice

“It contains superfoods and granny smith apples for a little tang,” says Swissôtel Chicago sous chef Chris Polo, who has the mix on the in-room dining menu. “Ginger is also wonderful for the palette and balances it out nicely.”

To make, juice one cup kale with stems removed, one lemon, 
cored granny smith apple, and a tablespoon of peeled ginger.

Peach Berry Cocktail

“Always dilute fruit juice with water to avoid blood sugar issues,” say the Angelis.

Juice two halved and pitted peaches, 
one peeled orange, and a half-cup blueberries, raspberries, or pitted cherries. Then add a half-cup purified water to dilute.

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