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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a financial advisor to invest?

Having a financial advisor can be a great choice for some investors, but it's not always necessary. Platforms like robo-advisors can make investing easy at a lower price. It just depends on whether you prefer a more personal experience when investing, or you'd rather a hands-off approach that you can forget about.

What are good investments for beginners?

Index funds can be a great investment option for beginners since they follow a slow and steady growth strategy. It's also a good idea to get started with a retirement account as early as you can. If you have a 401k through work, it's wise to allocate a portion of each paycheck there. If you don't, opening your own IRA can be a great solution.

How can I invest money wisely?

When investing, it's wise to keep two key variables in mind: your time horizon and your risk tolerance. Time horizon is how long you want to wait before seeing returns on your investment. And risk tolerance is the amount of up and down you're comfortable with as you wait to see returns; some investments are more volatile than others. Knowing where you stand on those scales is the first step to investing wisely.

What small investments make money?

There are plenty of ways to invest small amounts of money and still see returns. High-yield savings, bonds, index funds, and retirement accounts all use compound interest to build your money slowly and steadily over time. There are also apps that allow you to put spare change into investments; finding the right one for your investing style just takes a little research.

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