Home Ownership vs Renting As A Minimalist Lifestyle Decision
Home Ownership vs Renting As A Minimalist Lifestyle Decision

Home Ownership vs Renting As A Minimalist Lifestyle Decision

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When it comes to buying a home or renting, there are many things to consider. While there are tons of resources on the financial implications of both options, I’d like to share my thoughts on buying versus renting from an intentional living and minimalist perspective. The decision to buy or rent is just as much a lifestyle decision as it is a financial one. Ultimately, if the decision to buy is made, a home affordability calculator is a great resource to get started.

Longevity and Flexibility

It’s important to consider how long you’re planning to be in a certain area and how much location flexibility you need when you’re making the decision to buy or rent. When renting, the leases are typically 12 months or less and there may be options to work out a more flexible move-out date with the landlord or management company. If you end up needing to move to a different area, you have more flexibility to do so.

It becomes a lot more complicated if you need to move away from a home you own. You’ll likely need to sell the house or rent it out—options that require more time and resources than if you were renting an apartment. With the amount of investment and time that a house requires, it’s probably best to stay in a location for at least a few years if you’re going to buy.

Personal Values

Think about how you want to spend your time. Similarly, it’s also important to consider how much responsibility you’re willing to take on. During the time I lived in an apartment, I barely changed a light bulb. There were no repairs, no additional investment and no worries.

For the past five years I’ve owned a home, it’s a whole different experience. I spend time cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, buying and fixing appliances and other maintenance activities that you never have to think about when you’re renting.   Regular or unexpected repairs can quickly add up to large sums when you own a home. Part of the benefit of renting is that you don’t have to deal with or budget for anything like that.


Another thing to think about is how much customization and control you’d like to have. A home you own can be customized to your exact liking, a rental on the other hand has more limitations. From painting the wall a different color to making bigger changes to your living space, you’ll have greater control if it’s your home. With a rental, any customizations would need to be approved by the owner.


Amenities are another lifestyle consideration when it comes to buying or renting.

Most likely, an apartment will have more amenities than a typical home, such as a workout room, pool, large party room or even a concierge service. Of course, you may have the option of building or adding similar amenities to a home you buy, but it can be pricey and impractical investment. If you want a pool without the cost and maintenance that owning one would require, then renting an apartment with a community pool is the way to go.

From my perspective, whether you buy or rent has a significant impact on your lifestyle, particularly over the long-term. Thinking about what’s important to you and how you want to spend your time will help you determine what best fits your desired lifestyle.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further

2 responses to “Home Ownership vs Renting As A Minimalist Lifestyle Decision”

  1. You didn’t touch on the growth or value of the home going up historically. Who cares about some extra chores when you invest in a property you will win over time. Make sure you do your diligence though.
    My girlfriend always rented and I had a divorce and foreclosure of a rental due to my ex. So when I sold my big home to down size I couldn’t legally repurchase so I put the down payment on the home and we bought with a partnership agreement. The home has increased from 139k to 200k plus in 3 years, she also capitalized off of the tax break totaling 3k a year of the mortgage interest and now being able to itemize. Owning a home may come with some responsibility but it is better to pay your own mortgage rather than paying someone else’s. Cheers

  2. Just going through a similar transition to a home and man there are some really huge initial cost, many things that I never had to deal with in an apartment.
    Although seems like with a house it’s going to be a long term gratification of being able to put money in to an asset that you can look after and ensure it’s profitable in The long term.

    Do share any further articles or links for better money practices for new home owners.