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Blogs to help you get out of debt

When you’re learning to manage your personal finances, you have countless online sources that can help you understand the processes involved in fulfilling these financial goals. But there’s something about reading a debt blog with first-person accounts of overcoming financial difficulties that can inspire you to realize you can do it too. Here are 10 thought-provoking debt blogs (alphabetically) that lay it all out there on getting out of debt. One of them may be just the inspirational spark you need to do it yourself.

1. Beating Broke

Beating Broke is written by a man who, after finding himself and his wife on the brink of bankruptcy, chose to educate himself and dig himself out of the huge debt hole they had dug for themselves. Post topics include things like paying cash, new baby expenses, and not comparing your financial situation to the metaphorical Joneses.

2. Dog Ate My Finances

The tagline for the blog Dog Ate My Finances is “Finances don’t have to be like homework. They can be fun and rewarding too!” While not solely about getting out of debt, this blog is about handling every aspect of your personal finances, including learning how to invest. The goal is to help you learn how to perform financial tasks on your own from the ground up.

3. Finance Gets Personal

With the attitude that “your financial freedom is a personal battle that you need to be on the winning side of,” Finance Gets Personal is a straightforward guide to getting your financial life together, with practical topics like “The Top Ten Ways You Are Wasting Money.” With straight talk about conquering debt, and helpful links about debt-related topics, this debt blog is a solid starting point.

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4. Frugal Babe

As a married woman in her thirties running an insurance brokerage with her husband, Frugal Babe’s debt blog gets into granular financial topics, like buying a new washing machine and keeping Christmas simple. If you’re deep into raising a young family, owning a home that needs the usual repairs, and that old-fashioned value known as “being thrifty,” you’ll appreciate this debt blog.

5. Get Out of Debt Guy

Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy, is one of those people who has been everywhere and done everything, including going bankrupt back in 1990. He’s been on countless news programs and “big brand” blogs, but his own blog is dedicated to “help[ing] you find an honest and truthful solution to resolve your debt and credit situation.”

Blogs to help get out of debt

6. Money Talks News

Founder of Money Talks News Stacy Johnson is committed to providing ordinary people with what they need “to destroy your debts, build your savings, and accomplish your goals.” On this debt blog you’ll find posts on a wide range of useful topics, from car insurance to work ethics, to saving money at theme parks.

7. Punch Debt in the Face

The tagline to this debt blog is, “If debt had a face, wouldn’t you want to punch it?” Punch Debt in the Face is casual, opinionated, and funny, and covers topics you either deal with every day, or have thought about at some point or another, like gas prices, student loan debt, and whether you should cut your own hair.

8. Thirty Six Months

Marissa, founder of this debt blog, is a Gen Y graduate who found herself with big credit card and student loan debt and paid them all off. The name of the blog is based on the theory that if paying off consumer debt in 36 months helps you avoid “debt fatigue.” If you’re young and struggling with debt plus things like health insurance and finding the right job, you’ll like Thirty Six Months.

9. Three Thrifty Guys

With the purpose of “Helping you keep a few more bucks in your pocket,” Charlie, Eddie, and Aaron present a casual, informative debt blog from the perspectives of an IT professional, an ESL teacher, and a designer, presenting a well-rounded take on debt. Topics are wide-ranging, from helping teens find summer jobs to raising backyard chickens.

10. Yes, I Am Cheap

Yes, I Am Cheap discusses debt from the personal level (high credit card debt) to the governmental level (proposals for student loan debt refinancing). Threaded through all this is a personal account of digging out from under major personal debt. Whatever your situation, you’ll probably find it addressed somewhere on this debt blog.

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