3 TED Talks on Money & Finance Management for Kids & Adults

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TED talks on money and finance

Three Best TED talks on Money Management

Sometimes you just need expert help managing your finances.

Money management doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there are now a number of talks and conferences that can help. TED talks originally started out to discuss technology and entertainment, but personal finance and managing money has now become a popular discussion. Here are the three best TED talks to help with your money management.

Save Money with Futureless Language

The way people speak affects the way they save money. So many people view the future as this distant thing, and end up not saving right now for it. However, futureless language leads to the view that to get the future, it is important to think about the now. Saving money for the future is only possible if the money is managed properly right now.

Keith Chen covers the whole topic extremely well. He explains just how those who use futureless language view the present and future as the same thing. It helps them take control of their finances right away.

Raising Children to be Entrepreneurs to Help Them with Money

So many parents give their children allowances, but it doesn’t really help them with their finances. This teaches children to think about a job, rather than expand their business ideas and build on their entrepreneurialism. Skills gained in younger years serves adults well when they’re looking into managing their finances.

Cameron Herald covers a whole topic about how parents can help children become better entrepreneurs. Instead of expecting a set amount of money each week, it’s time to teach them to start looking for the jobs that need doing around the house. The more they manage to do, the more they will make. They also get to negotiate the pay for doing the certain jobs.

TED talks on money & finance

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Save today, spend tomorrow with good money management.

A Plan to Save More Tomorrow

So many adults don’t have money saved away for the future. It’s an important part of finances, but the idea of losing out on spending today stops them from doing it. It’s an odd sense of loss since the money will be available for a later date, but an important one that many experts forget to cover.

Shlomo Benartzi doesn’t forget about this. As a behavior analyst he understands the importance of helping to develop the thoughts and create a plan that will work with those thoughts. The idea works on percentages. So with each raise, comes a new percentage of income that goes into the savings pot.

Money management is not something that people enjoy discussing, but it is essential. But with so many talks and conferences, how do you know which the best ones work out to be? TED talks are full of excellent advice, and the three above will work out beneficial for all families. Parents can help their children, while single people work on their savings through their language.

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Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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