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Raising financially savvy children involves teaching them a variety of aspects from budgeting to planning, earning and saving. Besides giving them an understanding of the value of a dollar, teaching children about fiscal responsibility helps prepare them for life in the real world. Money management is a vital life skill and it is never too early to teach kids about economics. Many parents wonder how they can teach kids about money and where to find age-appropriate resources online. Here are some websites for kids to help them learn more.

Kids’ Finance

This is a site dedicated to teaching financial responsibility to kids.


Here are resources and links to teach children financial literacy.

Kids and Money

This site has links to several resources, from allowance calculators to budgeting, investing, and more.

Kids’ Turn Central

This is a collection of money and economics resources online.

Center for Economic & Financial Education (CEFE)

The “Fun Links for Kids” include information on banking, the Federal Reserve, U.S. Mint, and U.S. Treasury.

Sense and Dollars

Maryland Public Television has compiled a list of money websites for kids.

Desert Valley Christian School

This site offers a variety of websites including sites with math games.


The consumer resources presented here include many sites dedicated to financial education.

Nebraska Bankers Association

These financial links for kids and adults cover a wide range of ages, from young children to adults.

Center for Effective Parenting

The resources offered here are for general parenting information, including teaching children about money.

Buchanan County Library

Here is a collection of money websites for kids and teens.

Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

This website offers financial lessons and links for children organized by grade.

The Ohio State University Library

In addition to several links on consumer information and topics, there are several about money including credit and personal finance.

Northern Michigan University

This is another collection of links about money and counting money.

East Tennessee State University

This site includes several links about financial literacy.

Cleveland State University

This is a vast collection of links about a variety of topics including children and money.

Champlain College

This site has links for educators about topics including financial responsibility and money management.

Kentucky Academy of Technology Education (KATE)

These links on family consumer science show the impact of financial decisions in real world settings.

San Juan Unified School District

These educational links are organized by grade level.

North Carolina 4th Grade Links

Here is a variety of educational resources for fourth graders including a section on economics.

Money Magazine

The Money 101 lessons also offer a lesson on children and money.

Money as You Grow

This website offers lessons and activities for children ages three to eighteen about how to live financially smart lives.


This site includes games and videos to teach kids about money.

Money Instructor

In addition to links and lessons, this site also offers activities and printables for children.

The Mint.org

This comprehensive site has information and activities for children of all ages to enhance their financial literacy.

University of Nebraska

The family finance page includes lessons and financial planning tools for children.

Our Kids and Money

This site is dedicated to teach children financial literacy.

Institute of Consumer Financial Education

This page is dedicated to the topic of children and money.

University of Minnesota

This site explains how to teach kids about money through literature. It also includes podcasts and display materials on the topic.

Three Jars

This is a site where children and parents can learn about money management, including charitable giving.

Believe Financial Empowerment

This site has financial resources for both kids and teens.

The Financial Fairy Tales

This page has links to games and downloads to teach kids about money.

Council for Economic Education

While the economics resources offered here are directed at educators, parents will also find them very useful.

Money Confident Kids

With resources for adults and games for children, this is another site that emphasizes the importance of financial education.

Kids Math Games

This site has games to teach kids about money from earning to spending it.

Daily Finance

This site has several educational articles about children and money.


This site has resources for both students and teachers to teach kids about money.

401(k) Kid

This website is devoted to helping parents teach financial literacy to their children.

Discovery Education

This lesson plan about banking is for children from grades kindergarten through fifth.

Money Management International

This page includes articles and lesson plans to help parents and teachers teach kids about money.

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