Bill Alert! 7 Ways Helps You Stay on Top of Payments

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Imagine a personal finance guardian who’s always looking out for your best interest. That’s what you get at

With your Mint account, the Alerts option lets you set reminders and notifications for important events. It’s like having an assistant on duty 24 hours a day. And it’s all based on what’s important to you.

Check out some of the Alert choices available with your free account:

Low Balance

With a Low Balance Alert, you’ll get a notification when an account that you choose drops below a certain dollar amount. For example, if you want to keep $500 in checking, Mint can let you know if the balance drops to $499 or less.

Bill Reminders

Get a reminder before a bill payment is due by selecting the bill and the date when you want an Alert. You might want to know a week in advance, or even two. It’s your choice.


With’s budget services, you’ve taken charge of spending. But life happens, and everything doesn’t always go as planned. With an Overbudget Alert, you’ll know when a purchase goes over what you’d budgeted. That lets you make budget adjustments to bring things back in line.


Get alerts sent right to your phone.

Total Credit Available

You can log into your credit card account online or make a call to learn how much credit is available. Or you can set up an alert so you don’t have to. Total Credit Available Alerts let you know if the available credit drops below a dollar amount that you select.

Unusual Account Activity

With account monitoring, you’ll know if there’s any unusual spending. If you normally spend $50 per week on gas, an excessive charge made on a fuel credit card triggers an Unusual Account Activity Alert.

Late Fees

Credit cards, utility payments and even cellphone bills can tack on late fees if bills aren’t paid by a certain date. With a Late Fee Alert, a reminder is sent when your budget doesn’t reflect a payment on time.

Get Started

Setting up Alerts couldn’t be much easier. From the overview screen, click the “Change Your Alerts” button. Choose any category in the comprehensive list, then customize it. A dropdown menu gives you the right options for each type of alert, such as dollar amount triggers or days until a bill is due.

Alerts work with your overall budget. This intuitive system uses information that you provide, such as creditors and bank accounts, and lets you tailor each one to suit your needs. You might not need an Alert for every item in your budget, but having the choice puts you in control.

You can also decide whether to receive alerts as a text, email, or both. For example, you might want a text and an email if there is unusual account activity on a credit card, but an email notification might suffice for bill reminders.

Not everyone can afford a financial manager, but with you don’t need one. Alerts help make you the architect of your personal assets. Learn more here.


Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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