One Winner, Thousands of #MyMintMoment Stories

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Our #MyMintMoment Instagram contest has come to an end. We are grateful and inspired by all of you who shared special moments when your life and finances aligned.

Your moments included everything from visiting the Grand Canyon and glaciers, to celebrating a new home or the last student loan payment, and starting a new family or that new college fund! And we were proudly celebrating your accomplishments right along with you.

And the winner of the $1,000 Visa gift card to help fuel their next dream is Kathryn Dyer!

Kathryn had this to say about winning and her finances: “I’ve never been good at sticking to a budget. It seemed like a complicated process and I had trouble keeping it up on the go. This past year a budget became more necessary for me as I was diagnosed with cancer and spent the year traveling for treatments and adding in unexpected expenses. Thankfully, with Mint everything you need is in one easy to use app! I set a goal to spend Thanksgiving, after completion of my chemotherapy, at the beach with my husband. With Mint I was able to watch myself get closer and closer to this goal and finally meet it! My husband and I spent Thanksgiving being thankful for so many things!”

And while there could only be one winner, we wanted to share a few more of our favorite entries. We hope these stories will inspire you to keep working toward and celebrating your future Mint moments.

@mrileyjm: “ has helped me to be a better steward over my own finances. There is no better feeling than knowing exactly where you stand with your cash, debt, and investments! One of my most memorable moments using was setting a goal to save for a destination wedding in Jamaica with the love of my life, Kellie. We watched our cash balance go up and up as we cut back on all unnecessary purchases, and in less than a year we were on the beach…hand in hand…kissing as husband and wife!”

@jaime_jetaime: “I have been a user since 2013. Through keeping track of my spending habits I am able to see how tangible actions like DIY car maintenance, brewing coffee at home, forgoing cable and many other financial saving actions can add up to much sweeter financial rewards, like a down payment for a car or a vacation.”

@kristine.whittington: “Mint has helped me to be aware of my spending habits, and alerts me to any spending that is out of the ordinary. My money saving habits and budgeting has definitely improved thanks to Mint. I almost have the money to go to Japan even though I am living on the income of a graduate assistant & paying my way through graduate school. Thank you, Mint! :)”

The contest may be over, but we know you have more financial goals to conquer! Please continue to share your special #MyMintMoment with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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