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Data-Driven Ways Fitness Can Benefit Your Finances [+ Free Printables]

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Getting physically fit takes discipline, effort, and more than a little energy to get to where you want to be. Regularly moving your body and sticking to a fitness plan isn’t easy, and doing so is certainly commendable—and comes with more than a few benefits for those who participate. No matter if you regularly compete in triathlons or hit the gym a couple times a month, there are many short- and long-term benefits that come with being physically active and sticking to the fitness goals you set for yourself. 

In addition to lowered blood pressure and better sleep, a few of these benefits include improved financial habits. You may be wondering—how does getting fit help me save more money? It may be surprising, but leading a healthier lifestyle means spending less money on a host of different unhealthy choices. Having a Saturday night out with friends is innocent enough, but regularly bar-hopping and smoking comes with a price, both financial and physical. Good habits don’t come easily, but with a little determination you’ll soon see just how rewarding they can be.

These are still okay to indulge in every once in a while, but cutting them out of your regular activities will help both you, and your wallet, stick to your goals and stay trim. Just like you feel great after a long workout, you’ll feel the same about all the extra money you’ll be saving in the long run by sticking to your fitness goals. 

Learn more about some of the data-backed ways that fitness can benefit your finances with the following infographic, and stick around for the interactive printables that will help you stay on track with both your physical and financial goals!

30-Day Fitness Calendar:

Keeping a schedule that you can consistently stick to can be difficult—so we’ve done it for you. Use this printable fitness calendar to find a new way to challenge yourself and your fitness each day and watch it all pay off at the end of the month. 

Fitness Challenge Dice: 

Make your exercise into a game with these interactive dice. Use the pre-assigned challenges or write in your own favorite exercises to take the challenge of planning out of your routine. Before your workout, simply roll the dice and see what your main exercises will be for the day.

Habit Tracker:

Make sticking to your goals easy with this printable habit tracker. Seeing your water intake and exercise laid out in front of you will make achieving your personal goals a breeze. Simply color in the goals that you reached each day, and soon you’ll aim to complete all of them every day. 

No matter what your fitness or financial goals are, know that you are capable of achieving them with a little hard work and determination. Seeing your hard work pay off is incredibly rewarding, and your body and finances will thank you in the long run. You can use the money that you save from being fit to pay off debt, improve your credit score, or put into savings to give your money some padding—and think how good that will feel!

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