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Ways to Save Feature Expanded to Help Users Salvage their Investments & Retirement Plans

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Martha Shaughnessy
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Ways to Save Feature Expanded to Help Users Salvage their Investments & Retirement Plans

Mountain View, Calif., April 18, 2009 – Mint.com (www.mint.com), the leading online personal finance service, today launched a significant product upgrade. New features make financial planning easier than ever before for Mint.com’s million-plus users. Improvements include enhanced budgeting tools and sixteen new graphs, more accurate and customizable expense categorization, and the ability to track and budget separately for business versus personal expenses. An expanded Ways to Save feature now helps users increase retirement savings by quantifying the savings they can achieve by transferring balances from dormant 401ks to lower-cost IRA’s.

Mint.com users will, for the first time, be able to:

  • See in real time how changes in monthly spending will contribute to savings over the next month, quarter, or year
  • Budget for infrequent expenses, like taxes or insurance payments, or for one-time expenses, like a vacation
  • Choose to “rollover” monthly budgets, just like cell phone minutes, to carry any over- or under-budget spending into subsequent months
  • See all past budgets, and past expenses – in any category or with a specific merchant – in new, easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Easily track net income, net worth, total assets and total debts over time
  • Select exactly which accounts they wish to analyze in any category, allowing them to exclude business expenses from personal budgeting, create graphs of spending in a specific set of household accounts, and otherwise personalize the tool to their needs

“More than 90% of our users have already made changes to their spending and savings habits because of what they’ve learned by using Mint.com,” said Aaron Patzer, CEO and founder of Mint.com. “Nearly 50% of our users tell us that since signing up, they’ve been able to set and stick to a budget for the first time. We’re working hard to grow that to 100%.” The new features introduced today represent the enhancements most often requested by current users and by prospective users with specific budgeting and tracking needs.

The upgrade also expands Mint.com’s popular Ways to Save feature, where users can already find personalized savings ideas on credit cards, checking, saving and brokerage accounts and CD’s. The service will now also quantify the added savings users can accumulate by transferring dormant 401k accounts into lower-fee Rollover IRAs. With unemployment at a record high, more Americans than ever have savings sitting in former employers’ 401k plans, where they are typically charged among the industry’s highest account and management fees. These fees only make saving for retirement more difficult, adding to the burden borne by Americans already struggling to salvage retirement plans in this market.

“We estimate that our typical user would have an additional $65,000 in savings at retirement if they moved an inactive 401k account into a Rollover IRA*.” offered Patzer. “It’s a painless way to significantly increase retirement savings and, possibly, maintain the retirement date and lifestyle they had planned before last year’s market collapse.”

The service now connects automatically to more than 8,000 financial institutions – from banks and credit card companies, to brokerages and credit unions. This number continues to grow, and represents over half of all FDIC-insured institutions in the United States.

For more information about Mint.com, please visit http://www.mint.com.

Screenshots of Mint’s new budgeting features can be found here: Screenshots for WebScreenshots for Print

About Mint.com (www.mint.com)

Mint.com is the nation’s leading online personal finance service, providing over 1 million users a fresh, easy and intelligent approach to money management. And it’s free. Mint is tracking over $175 billion in transactions, $47 billion in assets and has identified $300 million in potential savings for its users.

Designed to be effortless, Mint.com takes less than five minutes to set up. Users register anonymously using only a valid email address. Mint then does the rest, securely downloading transaction data from more than 7,500 bank, credit card and investment accounts on a daily basis. Users never need to import or synch their data. Mint applies patent-pending technology and proprietary algorithms to categorize transactions; provide a unified view of all account activity; alert users to low balances, bank fees, upcoming bills, and even potentially suspicious account activity; and give users personalized suggestions for significant savings opportunities. Each user can monitor their total net worth, virtually real time, at www.mint.com, from any mobile phone (by texting short code MyMint [696468]), or by using Mint.com’s iPhone application – rated #1 in the Finance category in iTunes on the day of its launch.

Mint.com is rated top in its category by Kiplinger, Money, PC World and PC magazines, was named one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008 by TIME magazine, and has received four Webby awards, a Thomas Edison award, an American Business Award and accolades from the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, TechCrunch, and Lifehacker, since its September, 2007 launch. The company was named one of 34 international Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum in 2008 and publishes an award-winning personal finance blog at www.mint.com/blog/ .

For more information on Mint.com’s free online personal finance service, please visit www.mint.com and follow Mint.com on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mint.

*Assumes a 30 year old Mint.com user with a $30,000 401k balance today, retiring at age 65. Annual market return of 7% on the 401k balance. 401k return assumes annual fund expense ratio of 0.7% and an annual 401k administrative fee of 0.5%. IRA return assumes average annual fund expense ratio of 0.4%.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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