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Mint.com Partners with Taxact to Simplify Online Tax Filing and Maximize Deductions

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Martha Shaughnessy
Atomic PR for Mint
O: 415.402.0230

Mountain View, Calif., January 22, 2009 – Mint.com (www.mint.com), the leading online personal finance service, today announced a partnership with TaxACT, the pioneer in offering free online Federal tax preparation, to make the process of filing taxes and identifying deductions free, simple and convenient.

Mint.com’s award-winning, free personal finance management tools offer a new and better alternative to hunting down and digging through a year’s worth of paper receipts. Users can easily see all of their tax-related expenses and income in one place, as Mint.com automatically categorizes bank, credit card, mortgage and loan account transactions across 7,500 U.S. financial institutions. They can readily identify deductions by expense type, merchant name or bank account using Mint.com’s robust search features. This information can then be easily exported to a document which can make tax filing with TaxACT even faster and easier.

“Our technology makes it incredibly simple for anyone to find all their tax-deductible transactions,” says Aaron Patzer, CEO and founder of Mint.com. “We’re excited to partner with TaxACT to bring together our powerful and free online services to help more Americans get their maximum refund this year – a goal that’s more important than ever in this economy.”

As a leading tax preparation service for more than a decade, TaxACT’s online deduction, credit, and income examiner tools make it easy to prepare, print, and e-file Federal tax returns for free. TaxACT Alerts inspect returns for omissions and errors, and ensure that income tax deductions and credits are maximized. For a low cost, TaxACT Deluxe includes additional features for increased guidance, including Donation Assistant™ to accurately track your non-cash donations, unlimited phone support, and a tool that accounts for life events like marriages, birth/adoption, or home buying.

“TaxACT was created around the belief that no one should have to pay to prepare their Federal taxes, and that philosophy is what keeps TaxACT at the forefront of the tax preparation software industry,” says Lance Dunn, CPA and President of 2nd Story Software, Inc. “Our focus for this season was to create a better user experience for our customers. We’ve worked hard to simplify the program’s interface and navigation.”

Here are some other tax season tips and reminders from TaxACT and Mint.com:

  1. Identify all possible deductions, including healthcare, unreimbursed business expenses and earned interest. If you’re unclear of eligibility or if you’ve experienced major life changes since last year, check out www.TaxACT.com.
  2. If early calculations show that you’re getting a refund, file as soon as possible. Deposit your tax rebate directly into a high yield savings account. It’s easy to identify the highest interest savings accounts currently available using Mint.com’s Ways to Save feature, www.mint.com/features/save/.
  3. Plan ahead for 2009 tax preparation. Tag tax-related transactions in Mint.com to make it faster and easier identify and estimate your deductions next year.

For more information on preparing and filing taxes with Mint.com and TaxACT, visit: www.mint.com/features/save/.

About Mint.com (www.mint.com)

Mint.com is the leading online personal finance service, providing more than 800,000 users a fresh, easy and intelligent approach to money management. And it’s free. Mint is tracking $50 billion in transactions, $15 billion in assets and has identified more than $100 million in potential savings for its users. Designed to be effortless, Mint.com takes less than five minutes to set up. Users register anonymously using only a valid email address. Mint then does the rest, securely downloading transaction data from more than 7,500 bank, credit card and investment accounts on a daily basis. Users never need to import or synch their data. Mint applies patent-pending technology and proprietary algorithms to categorize transactions; provide a unified view of all account activity; alert users to low balances, bank fees, upcoming bills, and even potentially suspicious account activity; and give users personalized suggestions for significant savings opportunities.

Mint.com is rated top in its category by Kiplinger, Money, PC World and PC magazines and was named one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008 by Time magazine. The company was named one of 34 international Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum in December, 2008. The product has received two Webby awards, an American Business Award and accolades from TechCrunch, Lifehacker, the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek since its September, 2007 launch.

Mint’s management team includes seasoned industry veterans drawn from the ranks of Charles Schwab, eBay, Expedia, Intuit, PGP and other leaders in the finance, security and software industries. Investors include top venture capital firms and prominent individuals whose past investments have included Google, Intuit, eBay, PassMark Security, PayPal, Yahoo! and others.

For more information on Mint.com’s free online personal finance service, please visit www.mint.com.

About TaxACT www.TaxACT.com

TaxACT is the pioneer of totally free Federal tax preparation software and online services. Dedicated to providing taxpayers with a complete Web-based tax resource for more than a decade, TaxACT is the 2nd most visited destination for online tax preparation services.1 Designed by CPAs, accountants and seasoned software programmers, TaxACT makes preparing taxes electronically possible for everyone for little to no-cost – no restrictions, no fine print.

For more information on about TaxACT, visit www.TaxACT.com.

1 According to month-by-month aggregate data contained in Hitwise® audience measurement week end-reports for the Business & Finance – Accountancy Category, which details the traffic share of the top tax software titles during the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 primary tax seasons, TaxACT Online ranked second in the percent of traffic it received as compared to other Web-based tax preparation services monitored. More information regarding Hitwise may be viewed by visiting www.Hitwise.com.


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