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You’re Not Alone: The Top 4 #RealMoneyTalk Stories That Are Just Like You

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Does this sound like you?

“I brought this money mess on myself. I should have known more about finance and now I’m stuck.”

#RealMoneyTalk, we’ve all been there. You’re not alone in how you feel about money, but most of us keep our thoughts to ourselves and hide our problems away. The reality is that the journey to financial health isn’t easy, and seeking out support is essential.

That is why we started the #RealMoneyTalk campaign, to come together as a community and encourage others to be more open about their financial struggles so that we can all feel less alone and less ashamed.

This past month, we challenged the Turbo community to start the conversation with loved ones, co-workers, friends, and even strangers, and we were overwhelmed by your responses. From brutally honest debt confessions to hilarious money excuses, your stories inspired others to feel comfortable with being vulnerable and highlighted the impact of #RealMoneyTalk.

Out of the thousands of submissions we received, the four listed below were selected as the winners of the #RealMoneyTalk campaign!

“Once I turned 18 & received my first line of credit I’ve been digging myself a hole in debt. Like everyone else when they get there first card we buy a lot of useless stuff with money that isn’t ours. Sadly I had to pay off my line of credit & I was relying check to check it was very sad not being able to splurge on myself with my hard earned money I had to pay banks back instead. Once I realized at the age of 20 that something had to change I ended up forcing myself to create a budgeting system. It took me a few weeks to get used to the budget but It paid off and worked out!!! I spent several months using 50% of my checks towards bills, 20% of my checks for personal expenses & 10% of my checks for investments as the months gone by I’ve noticed that I no longer was in such a deep hole then I was at first. just one more month and I will be DEBT FREE!! I also would like to say thank you to a few family members & friends who helped & Assisted me during that point in my life thank you all very much.” Charly B., Florida

“I wish I would of shared this a LONG time ago. #RealMoneyTalk we COULD be relaxing and having fun in Disneyland this summer. Next summer’s ok though. It’s worth the wait. I really spent way too much on the launch of my company and definitely learned my lesson. From now on, I will budget, plan and execute each task one by one. Making sure I sell what I purchase and gain profit within a timely manner. A new laptop, financial advisor, and social media building plan are my 1st steps towards making my business seen, my customers happy and my family proud.” – Erica J., Massachusetts

I got into debt due to following my dream! Becoming a dolphin trainer is extremely challenging and quite the gypsy lifestyle. Positions are few and far between and it can take months or even years to land a full time position. It took me five years, working two jobs, moving over eight times in the past five years, and a lot of hard work to get where I am today. With any “dream job” the pay is not great, but we don’t do it for the money, we do it for the animals. I plan on paying back my debt from moving that has landed on my credit card in hopes to save up and buy a house in my now forever home of Las Vegas.” – Amanda M., Nevada

“My best excuse I’ve used to get out of spending money: ‘I’m saving for my dog’s quinceañera! Sorry!’ But in all seriousness, I fell ill a few years ago and then encountered a lot of medical bills I couldn’t pay. I couldn’t even return back to work. My husband and I have 3 kids and money has been very tight.” – Olivia B., California

We can’t thank you all enough for sharing your #RealMoneyTalk stories. We’re so proud to have such an amazing, honest, and inspiring community. Now, don’t forget to keep the conversation going. When we continually share our experiences and support one another, anything is possible!

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