15 Companies with the Healthiest Benefits

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The secret of many of the world’s most successful companies isn’t simply raising more money than others, or taking over the market more quickly. The secret for many companies is their people. That’s why many are working to implement the most attractive benefits ⁠— to attract and retain top talent. A surprising 67 percent of employers now offer some form of flexible working arrangements, 70 percent offer wellness programs, and 22 percent of companies provide snacks and drinks.

Companies are willing to implement these type of benefits because it is one of the most effective  ways to combat costly turnover. In fact, for four out of five employees, getting a new benefit like professional development is more important to them than salary. Offering  competitive benefits tends to make employees happier, more productive, collaborate more, and quit less often. These are some of the main driving factors of a company’s success, so it makes sense to prioritize helping employees do their best work.

Whether you’re looking for a career shift or are a small business owner who wants to elevate your workers happiness and productivity, considering the benefits available are a good place to start. When companies provide healthy perks, workers are happier and stay longer, saving everyone money.


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