15 Ways to Make More Money That Actually Work

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According to the Federal Reserve, 40 percent of adults would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense. The bottom line: life is expensive and it can be tough to save. If you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, you’re trying to get out of debt, or you’re simply looking to improve your quality of life, consider one of these fifteen helpful ways on how to make more money. Financial stability gives you the chance to take more risks, focus on a new passion, and invest in your future.

How to Make More Money

While there are many ways to make a little extra cash each month, some require a bit more time or effort. When deciding which opportunity is best for you, look at your financial situation, skill set, and time constraints. Consider working towards your financial goal in a long-term and sustainable way by pursuing one of these options.

1. Change Your Job

Despite where you are in your career, switching jobs at the right time may be a smart move. ADP found that full-time employees who switched jobs saw a 5.2% increase in salary, compared to a 4.3% for those who stayed. Track how your salary measures up to the market. Consider how long you’ve been with your company and whether your needs are being met. If all answers point in the same direction — it may be time to pursue a new opportunity.

2. Negotiate a Raise

If you have a positive work performance, it’s the right timing, and you’re sure your company is financially secure, it may be time to negotiate a raise. Have a plan and time frame for how you will present your request. Do your research and have data to backup your big wins. You should be able to prove why you are valuable to the company and why you deserve a raise, not why you need it.

3. Generate Passive Income

Passive income is cash flow from an income source that requires little to no effort to maintain. Passive income ideas range anywhere from investing with a robo advisor or creating an ebook to dog walking, selling old clothes, or taking paid surveys online. It may be helpful to build multiple passive income streams so your job security isn’t tied to one source, and you can rely on extra income if you need to. While creating a passive income will require some time and effort, once you gain momentum, you can supplement your income by a sizable amount each month.

4. Set Up a Side Hustle

A side hustle is a great way to diversify and generate an extra income aside from your primary job. Turn your talent, skill set, or hobby into a passion project and side business. It’s a flexible way to build a side revenue stream, since you only have to put as much time or effort into it as you’re willing. Over time, you may even be able to quit your day job and turn it into a full-time career.

Side Hustle Ideas:

  • Graphic design
  • Blogging
  • Video production
  • Personal or virtual assistant
  • Online shop
  • Copywriting or editing
  • Child care
  • Photography
  • Travel planning

5. Cut Spending

While this may seem obvious, making small changes to your spending habits can make a huge difference. From eating out to online shopping, impulse spending only drains your bottom line. Use a money management app to track your purchase history, cut down where you need to, and stay on top of your monthly budget.

6. Level Up Your Skills

How can you be more valuable to your company? Talk to your manager or a mentor for guidance. An additional degree, certification, or new skill set can pay off in the long run. You’re investing in your future, your credibility, and value add as an employee.

Ideas to Make More Money (That Require Less Time)

There are plenty of quick-win ideas to put some extra cash in your account each month. From selling your old laptop to running errands for someone, simple activities and small payouts can add up in a big way.

7. Take Part in a Focus Group

A focus group provides valuable market research and consumer feedback to businesses or organizations. As a participant, you can be compensated anywhere from $10 to $200 for giving your time and opinion on specific topics.

8. Build an Online Community

Whether it’s through a blog, YouTube channel, or social media platform, if you garner a huge following, you could earn money by promoting a company product or service through sponsored posts or ads.

9. Get a Part-Time Job

Consider a temporary part-time position on nights or weekends for additional income. Great part-time options include customer service, retail, or a restaurant industry position.

10. Sell Your Stuff

If you have items that sit around and collect dust, consider selling them on a site or app like Craigslist or OfferUp. It’s simple to list your items with the click of a button. Or, consider selling through a consignment store or local thrift shop. Your trash is another person’s treasure, after all.

11. Review Websites

Various sites will pay you to test out a website and give your feedback. Payments range anywhere from $10 to $30 for just an hour of your time. You can also get paid to write original reviews for sites like Vindale Research, Swagbucks, or Software Judge.

12. Get Cash Back  

Free tools, such as Ebates or TopCashBack, will offer you cash, credit, or discounts for your online shopping. Similarly, tools like Earny or Paribus will actually refund you the difference if a price drops on an online purchase you made.

13. Pick Up an Odd Job

With apps like TaskRabbit or Zaarly, you can pick up odd jobs or run errands for people who may not have the time to do it themselves. Become a dog walker for Wag or Rover if you love furry friends. If you don’t mind being on wheels, consider delivering food with Postmates or UberEats, or drive people around with Uber or Lyft.

14. Teach Others

If you have a skill or area of expertise that you want to share, consider offering your services as a career coach, tutor, or through online courses. Sites like Udemy or Skillshare offer the platform to do so.

15. Rent Out Your Space or Car

If you have unused or extra space in your home, rent out a room to guests on VRBO or Airbnb. Or, if your car sits unused in your driveway, rent it out through GetAround or RelayRides for money.

Having financial freedom means you don’t have to worry about money. It opens the door to opportunities and options you may not have had — or been able to accomplish — otherwise. Eventually over time, you can build up a savings to invest back into yourself or pay for an expense that's been looming over you. Shift your perspective about money and consider one of these ways to make extra money, get your finances on track, and improve your financial future.


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