How to Prove Your Value at Work

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Asking for a raise can be tough — so tough that only 43 percent of people have asked for a salary increase in their careers. Of those who haven’t asked, 28 percent say it’s because it would make them uncomfortable.

We know talking about money can be awkward, especially when it comes to asking for a raise. However, knowing when and how to ask for more is a critical part of progressing in your career. If you’ve taken on more responsibilities, exceeded your goals, or achieved something noteworthy recently, you may need to ask for a raise. One of the best ways to overcome any nerves you may have about the situation is to prepare beforehand.

Before you ask for a raise, you should be able to prove what you’re really worth to the company. This means demonstrating in concrete numbers how your work has driven sales, grown relationships, or improved processes. You should have specific examples of instances where you’ve gone above and beyond the required tasks.

Even if you’re satisfied with your salary, being able to demonstrate what you bring to your organization can be instrumental in providing you with new experiences or a promotion. Plus, having a solid understanding of how your work impacts the company can be incredibly rewarding. Taking the time to look back at what you’ve done and putting it into words is a great way to assess your professional achievements and set yourself up for further success.

To learn how exactly to prove your value at work, check out our infographic below:



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