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25 DIY Secret Santa Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank + Free Stickers

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‘Tis the season for gift exchanges and not knowing what to give friends, coworkers, and family — or even worse, how much to spend. 

The holiday financial fatigue can make celebrations such as Secret Santa seem stressful, but you can (and should!) partake in the holiday festivities without breaking the bank. Consider going the DIY route to gift something that’s both memorable and affordable. 

Show off your skills with our list of 25 Secret Santa gifts you can DIY. There are ideas for every skill level, so whether you want to spend hours or just a few minutes putting together a gift worth giving, we’ve got you covered. 

Festive Gifts 

Get into the holiday spirit with a Secret Santa gift idea that brings tidings of comfort and joy. Consider a festive decoration or a seasonal scent to get your recipient (and you!) in the mood to rock around the Christmas tree. 

Here are some cheery (and cost-effective) gift ideas to try: 

1. Sparkly ornaments

Create a glittery gift that matches the magic of the season with this sparkly ornament craft. You can add in your favorite holiday sayings or even your gift recipient’s name for a personalized touch. Learn how to make your own ornaments and labels with this tutorial from A Bubbly Life.

2. Snow globe

You may spend some extra time making this snow globe from Lovely Indeed, but the end result is stunning holiday decor you won’t believe you made yourself. You can even add personalized touches to make this gift feel extra special, like flamingos for a Floridian recipient. 

3. Homemade potpourri 

If your Secret Santa loves candles and other holiday smells, this homemade potpourri is the perfect gift for them. Serve the smells of the season in a mason jar with this easy homemade craft from Yellow Bliss Road.

4. Peppermint bath salts 

If you know someone who enjoys a warm bath, gift them a homemade recipe that’s naturally scented with essential oils. These pretty peppermint bath salts look like candy canes and the tutorial from Country Hill Cottage comes with its own free printables.

Edible Gifts 

Winter is full of rich flavors and seasonal treats, which is why edible gifts are considered a holiday essential. These can be especially good Secret Santa gifts when you don’t know your exchange partner well — just make sure they don’t have any allergies before you start baking. 

Here are a few of our favorite edible gift recipes: 

5. Homemade hot cocoa

If your Secret Santa loves to Netflix and chill, they’ll also probably love this homemade hot cocoa gift idea. This decadently festive winter treat is easy to make and best served in a mason jar with marshmallows. 

6. Cranberry bliss bar fudge 

These fudge bites are the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth — especially if they love white chocolate, cranberry, and citrus. After you’ve made the fudge using this recipe from Best Friends for Frosting, place the finished treats in a beautiful gift box and label it with our printable sticker below. 

7. Holiday cookie assortment 

There are so many delicious cookie flavors during winter that it can be hard to choose just one. The good news is that you don’t have to. Bake an assortment of cookie flavors to give your Secret Santa options. You can wrap the cookies in a classic holiday tin for easy transportation.  

8. Apple hand pies 

If you draw a vegan’s name during your Secret Santa game, consider baking them a batch of delicious apple hand pies. These bite-sized apple pies are both vegan and gluten-free, and they come with a flavorful apple pie filling. 

Crafty Gifts 

If you’re determined to make a Secret Santa gift that will stand out, you’ll love the crafty and creative options we’ve listed below. Full of loud colors and quirky touches, these gift ideas are perfect for anyone who thinks a little bit outside the box. 

You’ll have a blast DIY-ing these gifts: 

9. Graffiti flower vase 

Bright and bubbly gift recipients will love this graffiti flower vase craft. Use leftover spray paint cans you already have at home and pick up vases from a nearby thrift store for a creative and affordable craft. You can display winter flowers (real or faux) to add in a holiday touch. 

10. Groovy planters 

Get your groove on by transforming a disco ball into a festive planter. This easy craft from A Bubbly Life is perfect for anyone who loves sparkles or the 1970s. You’ll be amazed at how simple and affordable this show-stopping DIY is. 

11. Mini cheese boards

Have a cheese lover in your life? They will love this mini cheese board craft made with food-safe paint from A Kailo Chic Life. You can get creative with the design on your serving board and add a pack of crackers in your packaging. 

12. Marbled tray

Give your Secret Santa a place to hold their car keys with a creative craft they’re not expecting. You can create your own catch-all tray using a shadow box and some paint. All the materials needed for this quick craft can be found at your local art store. 

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 

This holiday season, you can celebrate Mother Earth with natural or repurposed gift ideas that don’t harm the planet. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas you can make at home:  

13. Grapefruit sugar scrub

Body scrubs are popular Secret Santa gifts each year. You can make a crisp and aromatic homemade scrub using grapefruit essential oil, rose petals, and coconut oil. Not only does this gift smell great, but the grapefruit essential oil can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

14. Terrarium kit  

Gift a tiny ecosystem to a nature lover this holiday season. Include rocks for the base and then either succulents or air plants in your homemade terrarium kit. Your Secret Santa will thank you because both of these plants are easy to keep alive in addition to being eco-friendly. 

15. Cozy crochet planter 

This simple crochet project is perfect for beginners, so if you’ve been dreaming of taking up knitting, now is the time to start. This handmade craft from Delia Creates is perfect for a plant lover in your life. 

16. Mini woven wall hanging

You don’t need loom experience to tackle this DIY fiber art craft. Use the simple tutorial below to start weaving your beautiful handcrafted wall hanging. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves boho touches or macrame.

Need more DIY Secret Santa gift ideas? Discover more tutorials below:

17. Mug Candle – Turn a used coffee mug into a homemade candle with this craft.

18. Macrame stocking – This fun and festive craft looks great for the holidays. 

19. Sleep masks – Have a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” lover in your life? They’ll adore these homemade sleep masks inspired by the film. 

20. Gift card box – Put an eco-friendly spin on a gift card by placing it in a box you made yourself using recycled materials. 

21. Oreo truffles – This delicious recipe is so simple, there’s no baking required.   

22. Christmas bath bombs – Make adorable bath bombs in the shape of Christmas cupcakes that both smell and feel great.

23. Hair clips – Trendy hair clips are in, and they’re so simple you can customize your own at home. 

24. Cocktail mixers – These fun and flavorful DIY cocktail mixers are inspired by holiday flavors. 

25. Marbled dish – Is your Secret Santa recently engaged? Gift them a gorgeous handmade jewelry dish. 

It’s the most wonderful time of year, so don’t waste it stressing about overspending. DIY gifts are great ways to cut costs while still creating a memorable giving experience. For more tips on how to curb your holiday spending, head over to the Turbo blog.


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