How The Little Things Add Up


If you’re trying to trim down your budget and start saving more, you’ve probably had enough of the tired old “cut the lattes” and “brownbag your lunch” advice.  There is some truth to the fact that if you manage to cut your large expenses (negotiate a lower rent, for example, or lower your insurance premiums), saving more towards achieving your financial goals will be much easier.

But the fact that the little costs add up remains: that latte here and soda there, a couple drinks with your friends, dinner out and lunch at the corner bistro… at the end of the month you may find yourself looking at hundreds – even thousands – of dollars going towards “inexpensive” things you splurged on without even thinking.

With this infographic, we try to show you just how easily those little expenses add up. By entering how many times a week (or month) you purchase certain products or services, you will get a month’s total that may just surprise you.

Keep in mind, those are general assumtions — all prices are based on average spending data from and other sources, including iTunes, the National Association of Theater Owners, and the Audit Bureau of Circulations. (See the infographic for a full list.)

If you are a user, you can easily get a brutally honest idea of how much you are spending on those items yourself. And if you’re not a user yet, give it a try: With its budgeting tools and new Goals feature, can show you exactly where your money goes — and then help you start saving more towards your goals.


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