Intuit’s TurboTax Live Brings the Tax Expert To You

Tax Tips TurboTax Live Brings the Tax Expert to You

It’s tax time and for many people, doing your taxes can feel overwhelming. With those with life changes that might cause you pause, it may feel safer to just “throw money at the problem” and let a professional take care of it for you so you can feel assured you are doing things correctly.

This could be an option. If you have the extra funds to do it.

But what if you don’t have the extra money? Or even, if you’re expecting a refund, how about making sure more of that is going toward your savings (ahem, you do put your refund in savings, right?).

This year, TurboTax launched one of the biggest transformations in assisted tax preparation: TurboTax Live. It’s on-demand access to certified professionals who will help you get your maximum refund guaranteed.

TurboTax Live gives you direct access to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA) or a Practicing Attorney to review your tax return and even sign and file for you, ensuring you get the most money possible and your taxes are done right.

This help can be for your personal or business-related taxes – including complex situations. Did you buy a house, get married, have a baby? You’ll be speaking with a live professional with screen sharing, allowing the credentialed tax expert to show you relevant information and answers on screen. An added benefit, is that you don’t have to go to a tax store, with the screen sharing you can see your tax expert, but they can’t see you. So you don’t have to get out of your pajamas or book a babysitter to get expert assistance when you need it.

Check out what others have said about their experience using a TurboTax Live professional!

“Great job. The live CPA was attentive and saved me money. Saved my $7,000 on my refund.”

– Ironteam (Texas)

“I have a foreign income stream and had questions on how to include it on my return. I worked with an expert via video chat and screen share and all of my questions were professionally done. I know my return is correct based on their expertise. I’d used a CPA in the past and it cost me at least 2x as much as the TurboTax solution.”

– KHGIV (Anchorage, AK)

“I have used TurboTax for years, this year I had more involved tax submission but no trouble with using TT. Upgraded to the Expert level and was able to have my entire returns walked through by a professional. Good thing, because Brian caught several mistakes. It was still more reasonable than going to a tax service.”

– cgloodt (Spokane, WA)

“I will preface this by saying that I felt a little crazy trying to do my taxes online with the amount of life events we experienced this year. Moved to a new state, bought our first home, started a new job, and about 6 other things. I’ve used TT before, and thought I’d give the new Live service a shot before going to a local professional. We experienced a few bugs with syncing certain forms from financial providers, and then there were a few other errors along the way (for instance, in part of our second state return, the interface referred to the other state as “0” rather than the state name. That took a while to figure out.) However, we took full advantage of being able to contact a live expert, and it made it worth it for us to complete filing through TT. We made 2 calls, both were excellent, but our second expert went the extra mile. He worked through all of our confusing special circumstances with us, and was able to make me feel confident in filing. I can appreciate how hard it must be to digitize these insane forms, and the addition of the ability to speak to an expert bridges the gap. I’m so pleased with the service.”

– TheBings (New Jersey)




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