It’s Time to Mint

Every day presents new opportunities for financial progress. But making progress doesn't have to be a chore – with Mint, it becomes a natural part of your day. Whether you're making big strides towards your goals or figuring out a financial setback,
it's always time to Mint.

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Congratulations to our #TimeToMint Contest Winners! See how they're using Mint to achieve their goals.

Setting goals on Mint turns something as bleak as paying loans into a fun game that I want to beat! I doubt I would feel as in control and in charge of my finances if it weren't for Mint!

Andy L.

I enjoy reading all of the new articles on the Mint blog. It’s one more way I’m becoming financially literate and chasing after my financial goals. Thanks Mint!

Kaitlyn H.

I’m going to continue to use the Mint app to watch my spending on restaurants this week. I’ve slowly brought it down so now I’m trying not to spend more than $25 a week! I’ve also worked on meal prepping so I don’t have to buy lunch at work. So satisfying to see the bars gradually get smaller!

Nicholas N.

*Success rate where customers had active accounts, provided all necessary information, did not recently try to lower the same bill and did not have past due accounts.