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Last Minute Weekend Getaway: Get Out of Town and Save

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Have you ever had a free weekend pop up and thought, I need to get out of town ASAP? With technology, and especially apps, planning a quick vacation can take you just one hour. I promise.

Finding a last-minute flight

First off, you are going to need a flight. Stay flexible and pick the cheapest destination using GTFO (get the flight out). This app is remarkably streamlined making grabbing a last minute flight out of town as easy as possible. Simply add your home airport and start scrolling through destinations sorted by price. Because this is meant for extremely last-minute plans you will see flights leaving in literally a couple of hours.

Tip: Think about planning a staycation or, if you have a car, driving to a nearby city to cut down costs – and stress.

Last minute accommodations

If you need a quick place to stay then you should use take advantage of an app that specializes in last minute deals. Two of the best are Hotel Tonight, which lists last-minute high-end hotel deals and One:Night, which helps you book day-of accommodations (starting at 3 pm EST) for an extreme discount.

Tip: Don’t forget to check Airbnb for last minute accommodations. Hosts usually discount their apartments as the date nears and you can score great deals if you are booking last minute.

Planning the details

Once you have a flight and hotel you can move on to fun things like planning the details of your quick trip!

  • Travel Zoo: last-minute tickets to shows, restaurant discounts, or spa coupons
  • a great app to see a quick overview of your destination including best restaurants, bars, and events happening during your trip
  • Foursquare: Their city guides provide you tons of lists to find the best things to do in the city you are visiting.
  • TodayTix: Use this app for last minute show tickets to a ton of major cities including NYC, London, Chicago, LA, Philly and more.

Other ways to plan a last minute trip

If you want to go the all-inclusive route and have more time than a couple of hours, say a couple of days or weeks, there are tons of apps to give you a discount on package vacations. Check out Secret Escapes, Groupon Getaways, or Hipmunk. These apps make planning a discounted last minute trip quite easy.

Also worth mentioning, is iCruise, an exceptional app that can help you find a stateroom on a last-minute cruise. Recently, they had a last minute 3-night Caribbean cruise for only $300 a person!

Coming up

In my next article, I will start talking about travel credit cards and how to utilize them to save money traveling.

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