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10 Times Mint Was Way Too Savage

Trends Aug 24 10 Times Mint Was Way Too Savage

Here’s another roundup of the best from Twitter.

We’d like to apologize for all those texts we sent last night. ?

#1 Sometimes we throw curveballs to make sure you’re paying attention.


#2 Nevertheless, she persisted.


#3 If it’s not tough love, is it really love? ?


#4 Okay, you’ve got boundaries. Respect.


#5 Doesn’t summer imply fewer clothes? ? Just saying…


#6 Does throwing shade count as a sport? ?⚽


#7 It’s the subtle touches we’re most proud of.


#8 “Wedding” you like to save some for the honeymoon? ? #wegotjokes #mazeltov


#9 We applaud your moxie and your low credit usage. ?


#10 It’s because we really do just want you to #livelongandparty ???


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