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9 Things We’d Rather Be Doing Than Shopping on Black Friday

Trends 9 Things We'd Rather Be Doing Than Shopping on Black Friday

The holidays are time for family. Here are some fun ideas from our friends at Quotacy on how to make the most of this holiday season with your loved ones, with a bit of humor. ?


With the rise of online shopping and Cyber Monday, consumers’ desires to pitch a tent outside of Target after their Thanksgiving meals have been decreasing the past couple years. For those that do plan on going out and shopping on Black Friday, this means less competition! If you’re undecided as to whether or not you’re Black Friday shopping, maybe we can help.

We’ve compiled a list of nine suggestions to consider in lieu of getting your foot ran over by a cart full of discounted electronics. These are our ideas. What would you do if you were tasked with making Black Friday fun?

#1 Host a onesie pajama party

If you have children, this would be fun family bonding. If you don’t have children, this would be fun anyway. Find your inner child and invite over some young-at-heart friends for a onesie pajama party. You can find adult-sized onesies at Kohl’s, Target, and many online retailers. Leftover turkey sandwiches taste better when wearing a onesie.

#2 Start an Instagram account for your fur baby

Other than being animals, do you know what Nala the Cat, Doug the Pug, and Marnie the Dog all have in common? They have over two million Instagram followers – each. I kid you not.

Instagram has become a tool for pet owners to not only show off their adorable fur babies, but also promote adopting shelter pets. Many dogs and cats that have Instagram accounts were once stuck in a kennel alone waiting for someone to rescue them. Their Instagram accounts become dedicated to showing the difference a little love can make to an animal.


Is your phone storage dangerously close to capacity because of the multiple photos of your kitty stretched out in a beam of sunlight or your pup’s face peeking out from under a blanket? Share the wealth! Word of advice though – don’t feel bad when Mr. Puddle’s Instagram gets more followers than yours.

#3 Binge-watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix

I can tell you with extreme certainty that there is nothing better than sitting on your couch with family and/or friends eating leftover sweet potatoes watching hours of Parks and Recreation. I know because this is what I did last Black Friday.

Never seen Parks and Recreation? If you enjoy belly laughs, I highly recommend it.

#4 Experiment perfecting a Butterbeer recipe

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has a delicious butterscotch/cream soda drink called Butterbeer on their menu, but the exact recipe is secret. This has forced fans to guess the mystery ingredients to make it at home. If you Google “butterbeer recipe” there are over one million results. This is the Butterbeer recipe I personally am attempting this Thanksgiving season.

You know what will wash down a turkey sandwich nicely? A Butterbeer. Have some fun experimenting and try to make Butterbeer yourself! It’s a good family activity because authentic Butterbeer contains no alcohol; however, if kids won’t be drinking it I’m guessing a shot of vanilla vodka would pair well.

#5 Find the perfect Christmas tree

Some like the convenience of a fake tree and others love the fresh pine smell of a real tree. If you’re the latter, instead of going to a tree farm, why not go out into nature and cut down your own tree? It’s a great way to bond with your family and get some fresh air.

The average cost of a tree from a tree farm runs about $60. A permit to cut down your own tree costs between $5-20 depending on your location. A fresh cut tree will also last about a month, which is longer than one you’d get from a tree farm. If this activity sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can get more information on the U.S Forest Service website.

#6 Go to the gym

Okay, I realize this wouldn’t be as fun as binging a TV series and drinking Butterbeer, but how often do you get all the treadmills to yourself? Going to the gym on a holiday (or day after) is a surefire way to make sure you aren’t fighting someone else for the 15 pound free weights. Not to mention it’s the perfect time to get those gym selfies taken without worrying about people watching you.

The Calorie Control Council estimates that the average American could consume as many as 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. Does that gym day maybe sound like a good idea now?

#7 Clean out your closet

How often do you say “Oh man, I really need to clean out my closet,” but then never do because you don’t have the time? Well, the day after Thanksgiving would be a great option! There are charities that would love to take your used clothing and shoes off your hands. Dress for Success and Career Gear are great charities if the bulk of your clothing is business attire. Other fantastic options are the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation and Vietnam Veterans of America.

#8 Bring some friends and games to a brewery or winery

Bananagrams and beer, anyone? What about cribbage and cabernet? Grab a friend or two, a game, and hit up a cozy brewery or winery.

#9 Host a holiday craft day

Once Thanksgiving is over, that means it’s free game to start putting up Christmas decorations! Unfortunately, walking into Target or Pier 1 with a mission to make your home holly jolly can get expensive really quickly. What’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars on items you only use one month a year? Making DIY holiday decorations can be fun and save you money.

Pinterest has thousands of ideas for making your own holiday decorations such as a wreath or festive centerpiece. Plan which crafts you want to make ahead of time with your fellow crafters and everyone can bring different needed items such as burlap or pine cones.

These are just a few ideas of things to do instead of shopping on Black Friday. Do you have other ideas? Or are you going to join the masses and take advantage of the deals? If so, this website features all the 2017 Black Friday ads. As it gets closer to Thanksgiving, more retailers’ ads will be added. This website can help you make a game plan to make the stress of Black Friday shopping a little more manageable.


Natasha Cornelius is a content manager and editor for Quotacy.  She has worked in the life insurance industry since 2010, and has been making life insurance easier to understand with her writing since 2014.  A long-time Mint user, Natasha lives in Bozeman, Montana where she loves to garden, DIY anything she can, and explore beautiful Big Sky country.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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