9 Times Mint Had No Chill

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We get it. We’re a little much sometimes. But it’s just because we’re looking out for you! We overshare because we overcare. (And because we can’t let you buy any more matching fedora/suspender combos. Seriously. You have enough.)

#1 Guess it’s just us, then


#2 Glad we’re on the same page



#3 You mean side-eye because we’re always by your side, right?


#4 A good bestie craves constant attention


#5 We’ll always be there for those 2 am life insurance runs


#6 Did you miss us? How about now? HOW ABOUT NOW


#7 Sometimes we throw you a freebie


#8 We always know the thing you need to hear


#9 On Wednesdays, we wear flannel





Written by Mint

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