Black Friday 2010: The Rebound Slows


If you’re like most Americans you’re already making plans for the holiday. No, not Thanksgiving, but Black Friday, a day when retailers offer crazy discounts in an effort to jam malls and bring down the Internet.

Just as we did last year, we took a look at consumer spending to try to predict the outcome of Black Friday sales and provide some analysis on what that might mean for the economy. Early signs point to a tightening of belts in anticipation of holiday spending. The economy is on the rebound for sure but growth is slowing and consumers aren’t spending what they were spending prior to the recession. In order to compare, we included the same stores as last year, such retail bellwethers as Aeropostale, Sears and Target, Best Buy and Frys.

Our latest infographic is based on the aggregate data from over four million users, a representative sampling of U.S. consumers.

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