Fashionable Finances: How Much Do Mint Users Spend on Clothes?

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Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further

The last gasp of summer is here, which means many will be packing up their flip-flops and tank tops and trading them in for new jackets and sweaters. We opened up’s data vault to get a better idea of just how much users are spending on their clothing purchases. U.S. Minters spend on average $161 on apparel purchases, but many city-dwelling users spend significantly more and also make more frequent shopping trips than the national average of 1.9 transactions per month. We also calculated what percentage of their discretionary spending in dedicated to clothing (discretionary spending includes categories such as entertainment, restaurant dining, bars and alcohol, gym, electronics, furnishings and entertainment, and excludes life’s necessities such as housing, utilities, groceries, healthcare and taxes).  Click on the preview above to expand the infographic to see how your city ranks.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further

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