Money Diary: Brunching and Sofa Shopping

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Occupation: Digital advertising

Age: 30

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Income: $5,200 month net post 401K, health insurance / HSA, and taxes

Total Debt: $0

Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent and utilities: $1,800
  • Auto: $275 including car insurance
  • Internet/mobile: $120

10:00 am: Late night last night, and it’s a struggle to get up. Fortunately, it’s the weekend! First thing I do when I roll out of bed is to make some milk tea. I notice I’m running low on my favorite tea, Numi Golden Chai, so I open up my Amazon app to get a box delivered. $5.69

10:15 am: I am bringing quiche to a brunch potluck, so I run to my local Trader Joe’s for the ingredients and some groceries for the upcoming week. $32.53.

12:00 pm: Brunch at my friend’s house. I love breakfast foods and believe it superior to all other type of meals, but I hate waiting in line with a bunch of other barely awake patrons when all I want is to dig into some delicious scrambled eggs or pancakes. Hosting brunch or having brunch at other people’s houses solves that problem, and it saves money! Company: priceless.

2:00 pm: I drive to IKEA to find a new couch. I’ve wanted to get a bigger, more comfoprtable couch for a copuple of years – my current seating consists of a loveseat and a chair – and I decide 2018 is the year to do so. Nothing in the furniture section catches my eye. I do get some frozen potatoe cakes from the food aisle. $6.58

3:00 pm: Since IKEA was a bust, I head on over to Macy’s to check out their sofa selction. I find the teal blue sectional of my dreams – it’s on sale for under $800, down from $1,100, and I have a $250 Macy’s gift card from the holidays. I arrange for delivery for the next weekend and feel very proud of myself. This sofa will be the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased, and I hope to have it for at least 5 years. $620.01.

5:00 pm: Furniture shopping is tiring. I settle in for a 30-minute nap that stretches into two hours.

8:00 pm: I have a lot of food in the fridge but my will to cook is zero. What’s something cheap and delicious? In-N-Out to the rescue. $10.79

11:00 pm: While getting ready for bed, I notice that my facial toner is almost finished. I go online to order it. Skincare is one of my biggest indulgence, but I’m hoping that my 65-year-old self will thank me. At $67 for a 5.1oz bottle, my Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion is expensive and effective – I do notice my skin behaving more when I use it every night. I add a 1.7oz travel size bottle for good measure. This stash should last me for 3 months, so I amortize the cost (just $25/month! Or less than $1 a day!) to take the sting out of the purchase price. $75.

Total spend: $750.60


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Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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