Mint Money Diary: Coffee Habits and Long Dinners

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Occupation: Social Media Manager

Industry: Digital Marketing

Age: 26

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Paycheck: $2,500/month after health/vision insurance deductions

Monthly Expenses

  • Rent: $700
  • Car Insurance: $65
  • Renters Insurance: $16
  • Utilities: $75 (Internet, Electric, Gas)
  • Dental Insurance (not through work): $15
  • Hulu: $10
  • Spotify: $10
  • Gym Membership: $39

Additional Expenses

  • Credit Card Payment: $305
    •  I usually pick one bill to put on my credit card and pay it off in full each month. This month was my trip to the orthodontist.
  • Student Loans: $29,000

A Day in My Mint Money Diary


7:30 am – Wake up and decide that I need coffee, Starbucks specifically. I own a coffee maker and live literally next door to a local coffee shop, but Starbucks is engrained in my brain as my morning drink and nothing else will do.

7:45 am – Crawl out of bed and notice that there is ice on my bedroom window. Make a mental note that I need to dry clean my winter jacket and sweaters before it gets any colder, they’ve been collecting dust and weird smells in my closet since March.

8:00 am – It’s too cold to walk to get coffee, so I head out to my car in my pajamas and Ugg slippers, which I’m usually too embarrassed to wear outside of the house. Desperate times.

8:15 am – I drive to the Starbucks that’s further away but has a drive-thru. I’m almost out of gas, but I decide that it can wait. Venti Iced Latte with an extra shot: $4.85.

8:30 am – I finally have the emotional fortitude (read: espresso shots) to shower and get ready for work.

9:15 am – Walk to work. I recently moved and almost doubled my rent, but I now live within walking distance to work and downtown. The money is worth the convenience.

9:30 am – 3 pm – Work. Work. Work. Drink 3 Diet Cokes at my desk because I lack self control.

3:15 pm – Walk back home to finish working and eat lunch. I felt very ambitious at the grocery store earlier this week and told myself that I was going to make all of my meals. I don’t actually enjoy cooking and eat half a block of blue cheese instead.

6:00 pm – Make another Starbucks run. It’s sleeting outside now and I decide that I’m definitely not leaving my house the rest of the night. Venti Iced Latte with an extra shot: $4.85.

7:30 pm – My old roommate and his boyfriend invite me to dinner. I initially say no, but they guilt me and say that they haven’t seen me in months (we hung out last week.) I wonder if I’m wasting my 20’s staying in on Friday night and binge watching Criminal Minds, so I decide to go.

8:00 pm – I head out to pick everyone up for dinner. My gas light is blinking more aggressively so I finally stop to get gas. I’m late to dinner (as usual) and tempted to just get enough to make it to the restaurant and back, but remember that my dad told me it’s important to always have a full tank in the winter. I’m not sure if gas can actually freeze in your tank, but I fill up anyway. Gas: $35.42

8:30 pm – 11 pm – I LOVE long dinners, much to the detriment of most servers and my wallet. Dinner, drinks and an espresso night cap: $42.97 + tip. I leave some extra tip money because the server listened to my friends and I talk about robots for 3 hours and I appreciate his patience.

11:30 pm – Drive home and discover that my car has heated seats. I’m glad that I filled up earlier so I can blast the heat with the windows down, which I realize is wasteful and probably bad for the environment but feels incredible. The after dinner espresso may have been a poor choice and I binge watch Criminal Minds for a few hours. Maybe you can have it all.

Total: $88.09

Whether you’re a super saver or supreme spender, the accountability of tracking your money will get you thinking about how you’re spending. Send us your Money Diary and get it published anonymously on the Mint Life Blog!


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