Turkeynomics: The Skinny on America’s Fattest Holiday



Come the last Thursday of November each year, Americans young and old sit around the family dinner table to give thanks to one another and their forefathers, and promptly proceed to stuff themselves to the brim with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries and, not to forget, delightful pie. Thanksgiving is a centuries-honored holiday that in recent years has started to play an important economic role that puts retailers in the black for the year thanks to its big shopping after-party, otherwise known as Black Friday. But before we look at Black Friday, let’s consider what we spend to put that holiday feast on the dinner table the day before, where the food comes from, and other curious Thanksgiving facts. In this infographic, we give you the skinny on America’s fattest holiday.

Shane Snow is founder of Visual Economics and Printing Choice.

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