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More New Features: Better Cash Flow and Budget Tracking


So you already know that we added Mortgages and Loans to our online personal finance service this week…but there’s more news. We’ve also added and improved budget tracking features which will help you better understand and manage your cash flow and budgets.

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New! Know your true monthly cash flow

Did you spend more or less than you made last month? Mint’s new monthly Cash Flow graph can tell you. Keep track of your net saving or spending over time with this new feature on your Overview page.

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New! How you doin’ – budget wise

Mint users told us that they wanted to watch their spending vs. their budgets over time, to understand whether they were sticking to – or blowing past – their spending goals. We had to support that kind of fiscal restraint, so you can now look back in time to see how you’re doing versus your budgets for each spending category this year. Congratulate or motivate yourself with the facts.

Please visit today to check out these added, new features…and share your feedback.


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  1. When will we have forecasting implemented? I’d like to see that I have x coming in, x going out, and my bills are x. With all that information, plus connectivity to our bank accounts you’d be able to predict where the money will dip and rise in the future. This was an invaluable feature of MS Money and it hasn’t been duplicated since.

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