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Better Categorization, Rules Management, and Exporting. Oh My!


We’ve been getting a lot of buzz lately on our upcoming private beta for investment accounts. (ask for a an invite) But, in the meanwhile, we’ve quietly been introducing some improvements to our existing personal finance software that we wanted you to be aware of … and use!

Two we want to highlight: a streamlined transaction categorization and rules interface and automated transaction exporting.

1. Improved Categorization Dialog

No longer will you need to scan through dozens of categories to find the one you want for that all important Coffee Shop, Music or Movie purchase. We’ve made the whole categorization process simpler. You now use a simple drop-down menu to select the category you want. It’s even faster to rename and categorize multiple transactions. Just select the transactions you want to edit and click “Name & Categorize” to apply categories or names to multiple transactions with just a couple of clicks.

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2. Naming & Categorization Rules Management!

You can now easily edit the rules you’ve set for merchant naming and for transaction categorization. Simply click on “Edit Rules,” to make changes to previous transactions or delete conflicting rules.

BTW, we’re constantly improving our categorization algorithm; we think we’re getting it right about 85% of the time now. You should feel free to send us any amusing (or not amusing) miscategorizations you’re finding. We’re trying to keep a sense of humor on the way to 90+%. We’re also learning that some users want to categorize gardening expenses as Home Improvement…while others call them Hobby. We’re all about freedom of choice.

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3. Exporting Your Transactions

Some of our users told us that they want offline access to their transaction data. Others said they want to share with others…like their accountants or tax prep pros. You can now export transactions into a CSV file right from the Transactions page. Simply click on “Export all Transactions” on the bottom of the page and your transaction file will be ready for download.

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As always, we’d love to hear any feedback on these changes. Did we get it right for the way you use Mint?

Thanks for using,

– The Mint Team

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