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The sweepstakes ended as of Sunday, July 21st but the opportunity to join the conversation and share #MyMintBalance lives on!

You may have noticed a significant surge in conversation on your social media about the current state of personal financial advice, particularly around budgeting. We saw it, too — and we feel you. Too often people are told that if they want to save money — to even be able to pay for their monthly bills — they just need to cut out the “nonessentials,” like buying lunch, personal grooming, and, of course, that daily coffee run.

There’s a lot we can learn from these discussions. One thing that has stuck out to us is that an individual’s needs are their own to decide. No one should be shamed into believing that a vacation, a night out, or even a coffee is obstructing them from reaching their financial goals.

However, there are moments when those happiness needs just aren’t within our budget. In fact, it can sometimes feel that maintaining our financial health works directly against our mental health. But what if balancing a budget doesn’t have to mean limiting the amount of joy present in our lives? Instead, what if it gives us an opportunity to break away from the “go, go, go” pace of life without breaking the bank?

It’s in the spirit of helping each other find happiness when self-care seems out of reach that we’re launching something new: the #MyMintBalance campaign.

Achieving balance takes a variety of forms in our lives — work-life balance, a balanced diet, balancing relationships with personal time, and so on. A healthy balance looks a little different depending on who you’re talking to, and there’s a good chance our own idea of a balanced life might be entirely different a year from now. In the constant effort to maintain balance, obstacles are inevitable, and often those obstacles are financially related. The goal of the #MyMintBalance campaign is to show that even when we are forced to spend less we don’t have to live less.


In order to participate in the sweepstakes, share a photo or video of yourself that shows how you escape the stresses of daily life and rejuvenate…without having to dip too far into your wallet. That could be cooking a delicious (and healthy) meal that costs you a fraction of the price that it would to go to a restaurant for the same thing, hosting a board game night with your friends, or whatever else you can think of. Let’s inspire each other!

You can share your photo or video on either Instagram or Twitter. In order for your submission to be considered, you will need to tag Mint (@Mintapp on Instagram, @Mint on Twitter) and include the hashtags #MyMintBalance and #Sweepstakes. You can enter one submission on Twitter and one on Instagram every day, for a maximum of two entries per day.

The contest begins today, July 8th, and will run through the next two weeks before coming to an end on Sunday, July 21st. Soon after the sweepstake’s conclusion, one lucky participant will be chosen at random and awarded the $5,000 prize!

You can read the full set of official rules here.

Save more, spend smarter, and make your money go further


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