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Got bills? We’ve got updates!

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Your feedback means the world to us, and we’ve been listening.

Hello Minters-

Mint Product Manager, Brittany, here! You may have noticed Mint has recently released a new bill tracking feature (ahem, our biggest update in years ???). Your feedback and excitement for this new product is so energizing for us – thank you for all of the wonderful and helpful notes.

We’ve been diligently reading through all of your feedback, and we’re taking notice and action! This month we’ve released a few great updates that will make tracking your bills even easier. Check them out!

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Our latest updates:

Edit or hide bills that aren’t relevant to you

On your mobile device:
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Accounts 
  • Select the account you want to hide
  • Tap the pencil icon on the top right corner of the bill
  • Under View select Hide from bills

Please note: Selecting this option means you will no longer get notifications for this bill and the bill will no longer show up in your list.

On the web:
  • Click on the Bills tab
  • Click on any bill
  • Click the Gear icon to hide the bill

Please note: Hiding your bill means it won’t show up on the Bills list or the Overview page.

Old bill reminders

If you set up bill reminders before the new Bills feature got released, you’ll see those again in the Bills section the next time you log in. (And if you don’t, MintCares has your back.)

Hiding insurance accounts

We released a bug fix where Insurance accounts were not hiding properly from bills. If you tried to hide an insurance account, try again on either your mobile device or the web application.


Enjoy! #BillsandChill

– Brittany


Mint Brittany Bankston

Brittany Bankston is a Product Manager at Mint and lives in San Francisco, CA. She’s a karaoke all-star, binges on Shonda Rhimes television and frequently goes hiking with friends. You’ll be hearing from her again soon!

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