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Managing your money on the go is now even easier with the app for Android tablets. Whether you like budgeting in your pajamas or tracking your spending habits while relaxing on your couch, this free app brings the award-winning features of to the convenience of your tablet. Plus, its easy-to-read graphs allow you to drill deeper into your spending by category and more easily understand your habits.

It’s also part of’s commitment to making money management better fit your lifestyle. As Aaron Forth, general manager of Intuit’s Personal Finance Group says,

“As tablet use rises, more mobile-savvy people will be looking for ways to manage their lives across multiple devices, so we developed our Android tablet app to bring simple money management tools to their finger tips.”

How the App Delivers

The new app for Android tablets offers popular features, letting you:

  • Organize all your accounts in one place. One tap delivers a complete overview of your finances.
  • Interact with your data. Pinch, tap and flick through your graphs to drill into spending by category, merchant or budget.
  • Get personalized updates. New streaming delivery of account alerts, bill reminders and personalized advice helps you make smart financial decisions.
  • Sync automatically across platforms. Changes made on your Android table automatically sync on all devices.
  • Track cash spending on the go: The app’s geo-location capabilities help you track cash spending. That means no spending goes unaccounted for in your budgets.
  • Review finances without an internet connection. The app stores data from the latest download, allowing easier viewing of finances, anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay safe. Your Mint app is password protected, keeping your account information safe and secure, even if you share or lose your tablet.


The app for Android tablet joins a growing selection of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. It also melds the bank-level security of 128-bit encryption with the easy-to-use convenience of Download the free app at the Android Marketplace.

To learn more about the app for Android tablet, click here.


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